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    3080 TI gpu usage is all over the place.

    I would try to load the optimized defaults in the UEFI and see if that has any effect. I suspect it might be a config issue somewhere in there.
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    z690 D4 Motherboard experience thread

    My 12700K and Z690 TUF D4 have been running great so far. I haven't encountered any issues and I was able to get it up and running fairly quickly because I just transferred the SSD with the existing Win 11 installation to the Z690 and replaced the old mobo drivers with the relevant drivers for...
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    Will never buy an Intel CPU again.

    It's not like that stopped those key reviewers from testing Alder Lake with DDR4 anyway. The comparisons of DDR4 vs. DDR5 on the 12th gen are a dime a dozen for us consumers to be able to make an informed decision.
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    I see absolutely no difference with VRR

    VRR is supposed to get rid of screen tearing without the caveats of traditional V-Sync.
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    Are traditional HDDs still the preferred storage drive vs SSD?

    I still primarily use HDDs for my NAS but I just setup read-only SSD caches for the volumes to give those HDDs a bit of a boost for certain things. First impression is that accessing the NAS is now snappier than before.
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    Pending for deletion

    I went from a 4790K to an 8700K because of moar cores.
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    Asus TUF Gaming Z690 Plus WiFi D4 Driver Problems

    I also noticed several yellow exclamation icons on the Serial IO and GNA devices in the Device Manager after installing the drivers for my TUF Z690. Upon double-clicking them, the device status indicates that the digital signatures for the drivers cannot be verified. It's obviously a driver...
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    I just found out that the Gigabyte AERO D Z690 DDR4 board that comes with Thunderbolt ports and 10G Ethernet recently became available. It's even got better onboard sound. I should have gone with that.
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    AFAIK, Z690 and ADL have more lanes compared to prior generations. It’s really up to the motherboard manufacturers on how they‘ll allocate those lanes for different board models. By giving up an M.2 slot, the TUF Z690 could’ve yielded an additional PCIE x4 slot from the PCH and I would still...
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    With GPUs using up to three slots and Z690 motherboards seemingly getting less PCIE x4 and no x8 slots, my plan of installing a Mellanox ConnectX-3 10G NIC and an Asus ThunderboltEX 4 expansion card on my ASUS TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4 fell through. I had to resort to just using the Sonnet Solo SFP+...
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    I'm based in Southeast Asia. The mounting kit shipped out from Hong Kong and took about two weeks to arrive.
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    Got my free LGA 1700 mounting kit in the mail yesterday. I'll be putting together the new rig this weekend.
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    Are traditional HDDs still the preferred storage drive vs SSD?

    For NAS and cold storage external drives, yes. For PCs and laptops, SSDs all the way.
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    12600k 12700k already getting big price cuts.

    Good thing DD4 is still supported by ADL so it's not a total flop. I hope D4 support continues with Raptor Lake. Anyway I feel a little bad paying a bit over SRP for my 12700K as an early adopter. lol
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech G903 and Leopold FC900RS/EDPD(S)