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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II "recall" / Service Kit for units built late 2021/Early 2022.

    Glad I noticed this, haven't had any issues yet, but I did request my service kit.
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    Backup Solution and File Server

    I've had a number of synology devices and highly recommend them if they're in your budget. Extremely easy to setup and manage.
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    The fact that we're talking about this 3 years later says something.
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    I keep my first computer at work, I've removed the original scsi drive for safe keeping and am running an image of my original drive off an SD card.
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    3D printed nuclear reactor

    What could go wrong?
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    More Windows 10 update fail

    *cough* DEVOPS *cough*
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    Inexpensive, simple, full mechanical keyboard?

    Had very good luck with my Das keyboard - it's been over a decade and it's still trucking as my "office" keyboard - everyday use for the past decade or so.
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    The Z Build 2.0

    Out of curiosity, have you run the Noctua fans (with the splitter) to one of the PWM headers on your motherboard?
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Work: Das Keyboard 2 or 3 professional (Cherry MX Blues) and G500 Home: CoolerMaster MasterKeys S (for now) and G5
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    Logitech Switch Issues

    Here's what I ordered: No idea if the ones you linked would cause any trouble (and depending on the model of your mouse they might be the right ones.) I just looked for the Japanese equivalent to the...
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    Logitech Switch Issues

    If you like the mouse replacing their cheap switches is pretty easy and very inexpensive. I replaced the Chinese-made Omrons in both of my G5s with Japanese-made Omrons when one of the switches started flaking out, cost me less than $5 and took MAYBE 15 minutes from start to finish. I just...
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    How long to make payment?

    Wow. Most of you guys would "annoy" me as a buyer - unless you're responding to PMs withing a few minutes (under 5) or explicitly state you need a response by XX:XX before you move on to the next buyer - I have a job that isn't really conducive to me sitting on the forum all day waiting to hear...
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    Tubing advice

    I don't see any glaring reasons it wouldn't work, but I'm not an expert and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    Not going to lie, I'm not dismissing that as a possibility. **edit** Think things through a tiny bit before you jump to conclusions, or just look at the cost of service for a decent mechanical watch - last time I sent my Breitling in for service it cost $900 just to crack the back of the case...