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    guild wars beta event this weekend

    I'd like to hear some of your guys opinions. Having become disenchanted with WoW, I've been interested in Guild Wars.
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    HardOCP vs. Infinium YAY

    Congratulations Kyle. Anyway you look at it, a quarter of a million dollars is a lot of money and we can only hope there won't be a repeat.
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    The crashiest game

    "I like verbing words. It weirds the language." Calvin As for which game I've played that crashed the most, well, it's probably Morrowind as well. The expansions weren't so bad, but before those, nearly unplayable for me.
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    Somebody wanna loan me $100,000?

    He should just set up a museum and charge nerds to view it. I know I would go. ;)
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    Greatest game ever??? (THIS ONE!!)

    Other. Too many RPG's to list.
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    Mount Directory As DVD?

    You can rip the image of the DVD and mount that using Daemon Tools. I don't think copying the files works. However, in my experience, ripping a CD/DVD with errors produces an image with errors.
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    General Mayhem??

    I'd rather pay a one time fee than a yearly subscription, even if that was more than $25. However, even a lower price would keep out most of the internets trash. Considering how the majority of asshats are 18 and under, it'd be difficult for them to secure mommies credit card. Even if they did...
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    LMAO Planetside $9.99

    Meh. It's decent and all and could be really fun at times, but there wasn't enough to keep me interested. Mind you, it actually involved strategy and flying around was just :cool: I wouldn't really get into it again though, especially after they added the expansion.
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    Gothic II Although the game just bugged on me and I don't have any strength trainers, so I have to restart. :(
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    Halo 2!

    My friends and I are planning a massive LAN party for when it hits. It'll be killer. I can't wait.
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    Guild Wars Impressions

    I played it for a couple of hours, and I wasn't too impressed. Given more time I may come to like it, but my initial experience I found it lacking somewhat.
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    Choosing an MMORPG

    I have to agree. I quit L2 about two weeks ago and sold my account after reaching level 38, which is a lot of time spent grinding. I realized that the only thing to do was grind. Sure, there are clan battles that will penalize you heavily until the Chronicle 1 patch is issued, one of 12 patches...
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    Give me a break. You openly acknowledged your disdain towards people who singled out your physical shortcoming and in recognition of its stay as a worn out cliche throw out that oft quoted title, you admitted humoured even you, as a joke. Now, were I taunting you, I could have instead posted...
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    Get over yourself. I'd never insulted you in the past, nor did I consider this it. If I can recall correctly, you had a rather candour attitude towards that particular title. Forgive me if you can no longer keep up the facade.
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    It's ironic, you have big ears but you can't hear a damn thing. Just kidding. Seems odd posting back at Hardforum though.