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    5 years... It's time.

    I haven't upgraded my board and processor since 9/8/2009. I used to be big into over clocking and upgraded every 6 months. But competing hobbies have taken me away from the cycle and for a long time it wasn't financially worth upgrading for such a small percentage gain. I've been thinking...
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    Flying Car Debuts at New York Auto Show

    Woburn MA doesn't have any real weather?
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    Serious Sam 3: BFE Launch Trailer

    the graphics look dated and the game play looks repetitive like the last one. Why is everyone getting so excited, just re-play SS the Second Encounter.
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    Gears Of War 3 Isn't Very Violent

    old gingers are f'n creepy looking
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    Killer Running Robots Will Kill Us All

    sounds like Wednesday morning when they pick up my trash
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    $2,700 Earphones?

    if they were white and you called them iEarbuds every MAC-nut would line up to buy them.
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    Dish Network Wins Blockbuster Auction for $320M

    $4 for one movie?!? I can wait 30 days. Netflix only cost me $15 a month for two out at a time and I can stream till my hearts content. Nobody mentioned part of the reason for BB demise is also Redbox.
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    Kinect Controlling Windows 7

    Funny! I literally LOL'd
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    Apple Working on New Television?

    so they can over charge for 7 year old technology put pretty plastic on it and great marketing and people that buy it will think they're cutting edge.
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    Quote of the Day

    Wait a second. A MAC user and a NRA member? Isn't that kinda like a Pro Choice Catholic?
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    Mystery Object of the Day

    I thought Myth busters was doing the dam Archimedes Death Ray for the 100th time.
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    Mercedes Delivers Its First F-Cell Vehicle

    Where does electricity come from? If you live in the US probably a coal plant. The Nissan leaf takes 7 hours to charge on 220 volts. it's like leaving your oven on 7 hours a day every day. What to you think that would do to out already taxed electric grid or your wallet? Plug in cars are...
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    What do you use to control your HTPC?

    What input device do you use for a dedicated HTPC? I'm using the Lenovo N5901 but find the keys very small and the track ball a little cumbersome. I do like its small size though. Full size keyboard and mouse is out of the question for me. I wish I could get a Wii remote to work with my HTPC.:D
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    Driver issue or bad card?

    I have a 6870 with 10.10e drivers and have three monitors hooked up. two HP w2207 and one NEC EA231wmi. The NEC is DP and the two HPs are on DVI. My issue is that one of the monitors in extended mode displays a black screen only. It is detected fine by Windows and CCC but I get nothing on...
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    Seven Inches is Enough, RIM Tells Jobs

    Seven Inches is Enough, RIM Tells Jobs