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    Power delivery difference between PCI-E 1X, 4X, and 16x

    The real question is why you're trying to charge a laptop off a PCIe card...
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    WTB: Nvidia Card for ML

    They are a hair over $200 on eBay, not too bad.
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    WTB: Nvidia Card for ML

    Works both ways, insofar as your flavor of Linux is new enough to support the latest proprietary drivers.
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    WTB: Nvidia Card for ML

    If you're looking for a 12GB card for inference it's hard to beat the 3060 - tensor cores, most recent architecture (Nvidia has supply chain issues so Hopper is basically MIA, meaning Ampere will be supported for some time to come), and clean upgrade path through the Ampere stack to A100. V100's...
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    Too good to be true? 7900xt 639 on aliexpress

    The seller's positive feedback is from the last two weeks and consists entirely of $2 household goods. This is clearly a scam, stay clear guys.
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    The only 40 series card that looks worthwhile, besides the 4090 - a low profile 4060.

    A neat little card, are there any good low-profile cases that are in stock? The last time I tried to build a LP SFF machine it seemed like all of the good cases were OOS or running some weird semi-crowdfunded model where they collected preorders for an indeterminate amount of time then ran a...
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    Raptor Lake refresh

    I suspect the whole reason the refresh exists is to increase prices without pissing people off. There were rumors of a price hike earlier this year, but it never panned out. The 14900K effectively replaces the 13900KS which was a really low yielding chip - at the new pricing its effectively...
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    Newbie...i9-13900H vs i7-12800HX

    The 12800HX is a 'special' SKU which is only i7- (rather than i9-) branded because it has 5MB of disabled cache. It has an unlocked multiplier and a 110W TDP and is designed for desktop replacements that would have once used socketed desktop processors. The 13900H is a rather modest processor in...
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    What's the difference btwn. Asus ProArt RTX 4060Ti OC vs. ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti OC

    The ProArt is designed for workstation builds, the Strix is a flagship gaming card with a ludicrously large cooler "because you can" (if you're doing a showcase build the lower-end Strixes let you get a lot of bling for a good price). There's no reason why a 160W card needs a 3-slot cooler, but...
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    Any happy 4080 owners here?

    That's a somewhat facetious comparison. Current-gen iPhones start at $799, and a Pro Max which maxes out the useful specs is $1099. The $2000 super flagships (1TB iPhones, Galaxy Folds) are in fact niche products which rarely appear in the wild, and in fact, people do complain they are...
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    ROG Ally

    It's going to come down to price, plain and simple. If the Ally is ~$500 it competes against the Deck, and sure, you lose the slick Valve experience but you get better hardware. If it's $1000, it competes against AYANEO and OneXPlayer, and while it will completely obsolete all of the no-name...
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    making MSI M.2 XPANDER-Z GEN accessory card to work with MSI x570S Ace Max motherboard

    Why not just buy a SATA card...?
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    Need a motherboard that supports 256gb or RAM or more

    What's your application? One does not casually "fill up a server rack of servers", you're talking $25K+ of hardware pulling 10KW or more. Does the application scale across cores? Does it need single-threaded performance? What OS will you be running? The only officially supported solution...
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    Z690 or Z790 for photo editing and mild overclock

    Games are latency sensitive because of the way they are written (dozens of threads passing messages around through shared memory) and the way we benchmark (precise measurements at high frame rates and low resolutions to expose CPU differences). In practice, most gamers aren't competitive 1080p...
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    Z690 or Z790 for photo editing and mild overclock

    For all intents and purposes the 13700K maxes out the platform so futureproofing isn't an issue; photo ending isn't memory sensitive so the only thing you get from DDR5 is 192GB support down the road. My recommendation would be a good DDR4 board with stable 2dpc support and 250W VRMs, an RTX...