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    $50 Google Store code if you buy a Pixel 3a.

    Probably not. I think this is for stuff in the store, like cases and stuff, but I don't know for sure. I'd love to hear if it does, I went the Google Fi $100 off discount when I bought my 3a.
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    $50 Google Store code if you buy a Pixel 3a.

    Just got an email with a promotion for $50 to spend in the Google Store when you buy a Pixel 3a. <EDIT> Looks like someone used it. I don't know anyone that's going to be buying one any time soon, as all my friends either already have phones, or are IOS users. I've had enough discount...
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    Backblaze Analyzes SSD Reliability

    I've seen it three times, but they were all the Gen2 drives. I will not touch an PNY drive. 23/20 have in one batch failed. Yeah, those numbers are right, because the RMA'd units failed as well! I have the only 2 non-failed units, and they have "DO NOT USE" written in silver sharpie on them...
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    Office 2019 & WSUS?

    That's not a bad idea! I already have that set up to hit all our servers anyway for me to place things that I need to push to all the child servers anyway.
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    Office 2019 & WSUS?

    I wouldn't be surprised by that, but we found PDQ Deploy to be a better option when we were comparing it to SCCM. It handled most of the same things that we were looking into SCCM for, at a fraction of the cost, if I remember correctly. I guess we may need to revisit that.
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    Office 2019 & WSUS?

    So, with the changes present in what MS is forcing on us for volume licensed versions of Office 2019 (Click To Run instead of MSI based), we've had to make several changes in the configuration of new systems. No more just running each piece as needed (Office + Visio + Project + whatever else)...
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    Overpowered i7 Laptops, gtx 1060 6GB (Insane DEALS). 15inch (16gb, $799) and 17inch (32GB, $999)

    The 17s are for sale again. I just got mine today (ordered last Friday). link
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    I've been out of the loop for years. Need an ATX case

    It's been nearly a decade since I've built a full ATX system. It's been laptops, mATX, or ITX for me. But, thanks to some really great luck, I just got a system from work that I'm free to use. But, it's evident that when it was built 7 years ago, it was over specced and half-assed in its...
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    My favorite that I built for myself was either the CoolerMaster ATC-111BXJ, followed closedly by the CoolerMaster Praetorian. If I could have mixed it, with the front USB of the Praetorian with the black anodized w/ door of the 111BXJ, I'd have been ecstatic. But, those are builds from 15...
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    2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Suggestions?

    I've hated the Surface computers ever since work started using the SP4. If I HAD to have that form factor, Dell's Latitude 5290 2-in-1 would be my choice. On site warranty/repair instead of mailing off the Surface, better port selection, better keyboard/touchpad. It's a step down in screen...
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    What laptop manufactuers have battery software to control battery charge, besides Dell?

    Huawei has one. I've got mine set to run the battery lifetime optimized mode, charging only when it reaches less than 40%, and only charge to 70%. I'd like to see more options like that. I mostly use mine at my desk, so the few times I plan on using it away from an outlet I can just set my...
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    Town Rejects Comcast and Chooses to Build Its Own Broadband Network

    There's a county cooperative here that grew out of an old ISP. Its charter was to get broadband out to the county. Then it became fiber. Rural was still priority #1, but at the end it came back and laid fiber in town. I've had gigabit service for not quite a year at this point, but I'm paying...
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    Half Life is Officially 20 Years Old Today

    I now have a desire to build a new PC.
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    Recommendations Small, cheap windows laptop with rj45

    We used the 430 G1-G3 before switching to the 3380. In all honesty, that G5 sounds nicer than the 3380s we've used. Not sure about the 3390s, but I don't remember the 3380 have M.2 + 2.5" capability, where the G3 at least did. But, it still had a TN screen on the ones we were buying. Just please...
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    Recommendations Small, cheap windows laptop with rj45

    We've got 3380s at work. That's what we've switched to for our remote-in systems. 1080p, SSD, RJ45. Definitely take a look at those. Dell's outlet would be perfect if you're not worried about matching things exactly.