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    PSU Upgrade

    yeah, Seasonic is letting the FOCUS + out for cheap, no better than now I guess :blackalien::aborg:
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    Is using 10-years old power supplies a concern?

    If they work, then it should be ok. But there can be a higher chance for it to die on you randomly or damage the components you have connected with.
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    Seasonic FOCUS PLUS Gold & Platinum 750W Review @ [H]

    Wow thanx for the info!
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    What multiplayer game has not died down?

    Hello, What multiplayer game has not died down?
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    All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Since 2013 Compromised

    Wow, I don't even remember my yhaoo username and password. I has been so long, I never really used it as a primary account anyways.
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    Budget Video Cards?

    Hello I am building a 800/850 USD gaming PC (first time build). What would be the best budget video card?
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    Are there any LAN parties in CA?

    Hello, Are there any upcoming LAN parties in Southern California?
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    Windows vs Linux

    Hello, What are the pros and cons of both?
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    How many of u not even getting current gen console at all, & just sticking to PC gaming ?

    I haven't owned a console since the xbox 360. I move a lot so it is easier for me to go o a pc lounge. I thought about getting nintendo switch but the games at the moment don't seem worth it to me.
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    Refurbished or New parts

    Hello, For a new pc build is it better to buy refurbished parts or new items? budget is $850
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    What do you need to build a Gaming PC?

    Thank you for the info and yes ha ha ha I would like to see the insides of my first build lol
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    What do you need to build a Gaming PC?

    Thank you for the info, but is there a reson why would you need 2 Storage?. Would it not be easier to get a 4TB or is the duo storage just to fit within the budget?
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    What do you need to build a Gaming PC?

    Oh ok, thank you for the information, I was thinking of buying one part of the pc each month in order to save some money month by month
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    What do you need to build a Gaming PC?

    I want to build my first gaming PC my total budget is $850usd. I only know what case I am getting: But I am lost on what the inside should be composed of. I need some recomendations on what would work.
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    Clear case

    Originally I would like a full acrylic case, but I wouldn't want to take the risk if they have a bad reputation. Thanks for the info