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    Max's For Sale Thread (CPU/Nest Wifi/ & more)

    Will take the keyboard case!
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    Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

    Think what he was getting at is that your baseless claim about Marty being hard to work with and abrasive...... But who knows. Skim away Sorry was supposed to be funny sarcastic and after reading I was oh shit, what an asshole lol
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    Musk to cut half of Twitter jobs and end remote work for the rest, report says

    Problem was that was true back in the southern democrat confederate flag hay day. Now they are all Republican. As a lifllelong Republican I am sickened how the party is now with nutjobs like MTG and LB front and center. And let's not Forget Trump who thinks his daughter is hot and would date...