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    Hitler finds out his PC can't run Windows 11

    I see a pattern. XP: terrific Vista: terrible 7: terrific 8: terrible 10: terrific 11: terrible I bet Windows "13" will be nothing but bad luck.
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    Do You Throw Out Your Boxes and Packaging Materials?

    Looking at the polls, I can officially say we are [H]oarders. Wear it with pride! If someone tells you you're abnormal for collecting all that "junk," refute their statement with this thread. They're the abnormal ones.;)
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    Herman Miller Embody

    I'm a year late in posting this but I own one. It's worth it for me. I've had it for 6 years now. It depends on what you're looking to get out of it. To me, this chair screams content creation, streaming, creativity, and productivity (I game on it as well). It compliments my big 4k monitor...
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    Do You Throw Out Your Boxes and Packaging Materials?

    When you purchase hardware, what do you do with the packaging? What is your reasoning? Also, "cap" is referring to any solid cover that protects a hardware such as a protective cover that protects the CPU socket that you find on motherboards. Some people may throw these out once a CPU is...
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    Wtb 3570/3770k

    I have a 3770k along with 24GB of RAM and Asrock z77 extreme6 m/b. I can sell it for $125 shipped.
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    Games with Controller Support and Integrated Graphics?

    Are there any good games that utilizes the Xbox controller natively and can be played on mobile devices (i.e. Surface tablet, laptop, and book) with integrated graphics? Something to pass the time.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    Just to update you guys, the BIOS doesn't support booting from it according to Windows.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    I'll have to try this again over the weekend. The plan is to install Windows 10 and/or Linux from a clean slate on the 960 and see how the system responds. We'll see if it's an issue with the BIOS or the boot partition.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    Converting to GPT didn't work. Installing the Samsung NVMe Controller drivers on the 840 and then cloning it didn't do anything. I used Minitool to clone the disk. I'll try Samsung's migration tool to see if that works. EDIT: Samsung's migration tool didn't work. I'll test it on my brother's...
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    The entire disk was cloned. 840 is formatted as MBR. Maybe I should convert the 960 to GPT?
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    The 840 SSD boots up fine.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    I had cloned my Samsung 840 SSD (Windows 10) to a Samsung 960 EVO. The BIOS from Asrock Z77 Extreme6 has been flashed to 2.90, which supports NVMe. In the BIOS settings, I have set the NVMe SSD as boot #1. However, the BIOS is not detecting Windows 10 on the 960 SSD. I tried doing bootrec to...
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    Can undervoltage damage electronics?

    If an electronic device receives lower-than-expected voltage due to a malfuntioning psu or dying battery, can this damage the device permanently? I ask this because the battery in my surface pro pen was on its last leg (it was 0.4v instead of the required 1.5v). I thought it was the battery. I...
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    WTB: Surface Pro 4 Pen

    My SP Pen died. WTB a pen. Must be in good condition.