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    HOT! PNY GTX 660 Ti 2GB w/ Metro Last Light for $200 shipped @ the egg after $25 MIR

    I have this exact model that I grabbed on a deal not too long ago. The stock cooler on it is garbage. Even at idle it makes an annoying humming sound and gets too hot. Granted, if your overall system is loud you might not notice. I use a Fractal R4 with quiet fans and a quiet Seasonic , for...
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    Skyrim or Dishonored for $14.99 each

    GDI, 3/4 of my steam list of games hasn't been touched.. but I bit, too good a price to pass up. Also, you can get 5% off your order with "" code - probably not much, but it can add up if you're getting a few.
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    PNY GTX 660Ti w/ Assassins Creed 3 $220 AR

    I have this card, and I will agree, at this price, it's better to pony up for a better cooler. Even at idle it makes an annoying droning sound - it might be fine for people that have already loud cases but I got a R4 and built my case around keeping it somewhat quiet. Plus on load, the card...
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    Amazon Digital Downloads Sale. Farewell to February.

    I believe codes will activate regardless of where you live (though I'm not 100% positive). I live in Canada, but have lived in the US before and my gf has a US CC with a US address. I bought an Origin game on her account (Amazon US) and just clicked on 'Get Code' from the invoice. I was then...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M30 for 41.38

    IIRC, these tend to be in the mid $40's range most of the time, so the price is decent but not spectacular - these are priced about right. As reviews mention, the pads are kind of crappy. Its older sibling, the M50, is very well regarded for gaming/good bass type headphones. I've only heard...
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    [Hot] MSI Radeon 7770 OC 1GB + Sleeping Dogs + FS - $90 AR

    Nice price in post, but did they change it? I only see $10 rebate when I click link.
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    MS Office 2013 Professional Plus for $9.95!

    I was just helping a friend get it, and he got the same message. Either Mcsft closed it down, or the number of license keys per that program code has run out. I tried it on another Hotmail account, and everytime I add it, it says Basket is empty.
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    SAMSUNG 840 Pro 2.5" 256GB SATA III SSD $215

    Seems they're having deals on these. $215 shipped @ Newegg with code EMCNJJE22 They also have a 120GB Kingston HyperX 3K for around $90 - so warm deal. It's not as good (price/quality) as the $70 deals for the 830, but SSD...
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    Warm? Microcenter ONLINE samsung 830 64GB = $59.99

    As poster above stated, for a bit more, you can get a much better price/GB ratio from the 120GB and above deals. That said, I love mine and from what I understand, is one of the best ones you can get if you must have a low-capacity/64GB for whatever reason.
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    Samsung 4gb DDR3 1600 (this is the low profile, low voltage stuff)

    Thanks for the heads up, was waiting for a deal again after it went OOS the last time @ Newegg. FYI: The single stick, 1x4GB, has a free (3-5 day) shipping option (you don't have to meet the $25 requirement) even if you buy a single stick.
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    i7 3770k $250 FS @ Tiger Direct

    You can check a local store. I scammed a friend into getting one for me, even with the ~7% tax, it's better than anything else I can get (far away from a MC). The price in store might show full, he had to ask the manager to price match it to online.
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    Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB SSD - $139.99 (likely pricing error)

    This is likely a pricing error but I placed an order regardless -, who the heck orders from them? I think I probably should have done a faster shipping method vs. the free slow shipping. They also have 'Pick form store' option though not sure how fast that is...
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    Audio Technica headphone - ATH-AD500 $54 FS

    Did you get the AD500 or the 700? $110 seems pricey for the 500. This is a nice price, as they usually tend to be in the $70 range. The AD700 as been at the $100 ballpark for a while now. I want to try the 668B's. I'm thinking you might want to try the 681 instead, that's what I have and I...
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    EVGA 012-P3-1572-AR GeForce GTX 570

    Few things that would make me stay away even though it's a decent price. - 15 day warranty as most have pointed out - Since it's 15 day, it's unlikely EVGA refurbished, theirs is usually 90 day - I think EVGA officially refurbished have a RX suffix at the end to denote the part number
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    Warm? G620T 35W + ECS H61 board $119 after $10 MIR

    Xbitlabs has one of the most comprehensive reviews on the Sandy Bridge Pentiums: Before they did the review, most of the information/benches I had to gleam from Chinese review sites. Other sites generally don't seem to...