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    Netflix Test Varying Play Speeds: Makes Filmmakers Mad

    Yeah, don't really care what Judd thinks. He should be spend more time railling against default TV settings.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    So, inside of Final Fantasy 14 - an online MMO, there is a minigame called Chocobo Racing, in which you control a giant racing ostrich (it's Japanese, if you aren't familiar with Final Fantasy lore I couldn't even begin to explain). Now, of course, being an MMO, it's online, and all your...
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    Want to play this, but ... I want to be lazy on my couch, and I don't feel like spending $60 on the PS4 edition. May sub to XBL once the first major "fix all the broken stuff" patch comes out, unless I see it pop up on a good deal for PS4 around the holidays.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    No wonder Intel slashed prices across the board
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    Is there a way to output sound by HDMI without video ?

    ARC has been around since 2009 / HDMI 1.4. From my understanding, eARC is just higher bandwidth than ARC, won't solve this problem. Unfortunately, I can't answer your last question. I hope someone else can weigh in for you on that.
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    * Basic Guide to Improving Case Airflow*

    Air flow on the CPU HSF isn't the same as air flow through the case. A HSF isn't typically directly pulling from or drafting out of a case vent. It's circulating air inside the case. The HSF isn't creating a differential pressure through the case or driving air in or out - and that's the...
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    Finaly Switched :) any tips be great!

    This is really good advice. The only other thing I would add is not to be afraid of the command line - most things in Unix/Linux are actually easier on the command line once you know the right commands.
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    For both Linux and Windows - for me - boot drive is always a fast single drive. If that drive goes bad, yeah, you have downtime. But it's also pretty lean - just the OS and as few other files as you can get away with. If it dies, just a clean re-install and then re-point the data directories in...
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    NordVPN Encryption Keys Stolen

    So how do you get your kink porn then? 8mm? But seriously, VPNs are useful for more than just obfuscating your tracks on the web. It's a necessity if you wanted to use an open WiFi Hotspot (and even then I don't recommend that). I do take your point about paying for someone else's service - but...
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    I've always been advised against RAIDing your boot volume, no matter what OS you choose.
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    Motherboard RAID 1

    I tried once like 20 years ago and ... it failed fantastically. I've run software raid ever since. That said, I'm sure a lot has changed in 20 years.
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    Forget Moore’s Law—Chipmakers Are More Worried About Heat and Power Issues

    If you look at per-core performance, it's not exactly been looking good for a while. A big reason why everything shifted to more cores, because we have really been beyond the low hanging fruit with regard to single core performance for a while. Now, Moore's Law doesn't explicitly describe...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Sounds like they have the college dorm demo locked up
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    Reimplementing a Solaris command in Python gained 17x performance improvement from C

    Interesting concept most dull and nearly useless command to demonstrate it