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    Ratpadz XT

    Just remember that Kyle was able to do it with knowledge of the plastics industry. If you could find out what that plastic is, it could be purchased and used in the same way by the sheet.
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    SilverStone Technology 550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze ET550-B ($28.99 shipped)

    I've used one for a basic build. Not too shabby for the money!
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    [Epic] 15 Days of Christmas Freebies (12/30=three Tomb Raider games, until 1/6 8AM PST)

    I had forgotten about this game. I ended up picking it up!
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    [Epic] 15 Days of Christmas Freebies (12/30=three Tomb Raider games, until 1/6 8AM PST)

    I just got it via browser as well. Super easy.
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    (DEAD) Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Alloy Steel Drill and Screw Driver Bit Set (192-Piece) $43.99

    I bit and it shipped quick! I thought the fact that they all look like a tool case was cool and then was really tickled to see the one box had a mini packout in it with the three most common bits used! It's worth the $43. For the free shipping I just added some $6.99 random orbital discs that I...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    I'd take the stick of RAM! Be great for a firewall desktop box. Even the DDR3 8GB, I have a Lenovo that a slot died on the mobo.
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    (DEAD) Black Mesa [Steam] $4.99

    Thank you OP! I also took the plunge and grabbed a copy. I never played the original all the way through, but I always wanted to finish it. Hopefully I can now!
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    MSI X470 GAMING PLUS Max ($85 shipped)

    Nice price!
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    Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

    I gotta chime in here really quick. I have the 12V DeWalt screwdriver at home along with the 12V impact. For round the house stuff it works GREAT! I use the screwdriver all the time for stuff; built shelves and a small bookcase last spring because I had the wood around and wanted to utilize it...
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    CDW Outlet Finds

    As a "For Instance", genuine Liebert/Pactiv batteries are usually a specific part number of CSB batteries. I can buy the cheapies but the line interactive 2000VA units eat them like candy and they swell to the point you sometimes are putting scary amounts of pressure on them trying to remove the...
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Last time I thought about water cooling a PC I was going to use copper piping! This looks pretty neat!
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    15 Gadgets That Failed to Soar

    I actually still carry my 80GB Zune player. It always had better audio quality than the iPod of the day and that's what mattered to me. If it had played FLAK, it would have been killer.
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    PlayStation Announces Its First Original Series

    I loved the comic, but I don't own a Playstation. Here's to hoping it becomes available in... um... other formats.
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    Technology Gone Wrong: The Budweiser Buddy Cup

    Quite true. Beer was made because no one trusted the water; no one knew what microbes were before the invention of the microscope. Every town had a brewery and many people at home brewed their own beer for something safe to drink. It was considered nourishment. In fact, back then barley was VERY...