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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    A few observations with the game so far. As Mchart posted its fun. If you like D3 then you will enjoy this. (Note: I'm playing the free pc beta, not mobile). There are way more activities to do in the game than D3 and you can do team raids with up to 4 players in rifts and dungeons. A must once...
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    Recent visit to Microcenter - what it was like inside

    The magical pc store...and some that can actually get there whine about a long line. 😒
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    I thought this thread was started to discuss the pc game version and members who are actually playing it. Mybad continue trolling away. I'm out. Thanks mods for keeping it going.
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    TechPowerup shows real world benches for the Arc A730M

    3DMark is coded for marketers and youtubers...
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    I wish you haters would stop hijacking the thread and start your own so you can tell us more how people should have fun, and if they don't agree have the government step in and tell them they are doing it wrong so they can legislate it out. :rolleyes:
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    Its' basically D3.5 with more to do....but you do you. Plenty are playing it.
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    I don't think you know what you are talking about. The graphics are better than D3. You should try something other than low settings. The play style is the same as D3 and there are more activities to do. And you can't do jack shit in 10 minutes. Its fun and something to do until D4 comes out...
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    Business6 Have you had times when your player just stops allowing you to do damage? Like for a minute or two? That is the only wtf thing I've seen, especially in timed rifts!
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    Bingo, I'm at level 49-50 playing solo and have no intention of paying a dime. Its fun and enjoyable as it is. The P2W is not shoved in your face like other games. If it gets to the point of too much of a grind I'll just quit. Its free on pc so why not?
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    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    I get the feeling a certain user is beating the subject to death ad nauseum when there is a reason they manufacture them with all the extra features. We get it, move on already.
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    Diablo Immortal

    I'm playing as a wizard...definitely need to level up for that character. Unless you buy your way there...NTY
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    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    I have it downloaded and ready to go for tomorrow. I signed up for the mobile beta but when the pc beta version was announced I jumped on that. I've played ARK and enjoyed it without paying so if I can handle that this should be fine.
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    Is there a Combofix for Win10?

    Combofix was never a full antivirus solution. It was a get your ass out of trouble emergency av/malware scanner fix. And no it stopped at Win 7.
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    Will VMs ever be as fast as on a real system ?

    That is right up my ally. Just learned about KVM a while go. Had Windows 7 in Virtualbox becsuse hyper-v is shit and still couldn't get any games to run. Hech I have Linx Mint in Virtualbox that can run more games than Windows as a vm. Problem is kvm inside virtualbox is a no go for obvious...