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    2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday Deals

    There are some good deals on more expensive OLED TV's but you are correct, most of those are previous year's or subpar TV's. Check ratings if you are looking for a sub $1000 TV.
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    Rare Arc A770 LE Scavenger Hunt GPU

    New beta driver: Up to 8% increase in performance.
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    AsRock no longer supporting ECC memory in AM5 boards?

    It can support ECC but Asrock is choosing not to at the motherboard level. Certain Asus boards have ECC memory compatibiltiiy.
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    Rare Arc A770 LE Scavenger Hunt GPU

    I just checked, the latest beta drivers were released on 10/27. You'd think they would be releasing them a little faster then that knowing the condition of them.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Both can be true...
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    WTS 3800X CPU WTB External NVME holder

    Bump...I just bought a 3800X a few weeks ago on here for $130 shipped and thought I got a screaming deal. Great cpu folks.
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    Transcend SSD first 30% slow and unstable speed, why?

    Look in your performance logs at the hard disk processes to see if anything else is going on. It has SLC cache so it should not be doing that. Unless they did the switcheroo and sold you a knock off depending on where you bought it.
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    FS: Intel i5 10500 and Asrock B560M-HDV combo

    Selling due to upgrades aa Intel i5 10500 (65 watt) cpu plus Asrock B560M-HDV motherboard, I/O plate. This combo has been rock solid with PB enabled and no throttling with economy aftermarket cpu/fan heatsink. I also had DDR4 3200 XMP profile enabled. Is my current setup with less than 100 hours...
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    Any way to force booting from PCI-e nvme card

    Skip to 17:40. Linus used Clover like Axman stated.
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    Is Linux Ready for Prime Time?

    Personally I think Linux Mint is ready for Prime Time. For gaming a good cpu and a NV card should do nicely. But you have to be willing to tinker a bit to get certain games installed or running well. A lot of that is due to stupid proprietary portal game apps that need to be installed first.
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    WTB AMD Ryzen 3800X or 3900X

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    [Rumor] Intel Arc A770 Early October Launch

    And I see our first scalper on Newegg.