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    Best Way to Move a Rack

    Our datacenter used a big Appliance dolly to roll our rack into the freight elevator and rolled it into its new spot on a different level.... so envious our houses don't have elevators... When I moved mine at home, I had stairs inside the house, steps outside the house, and then the moving...
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    When are we going to get beyond 5tb in the 2.5inch form factor - what is the hold up?

    I'm pretty sure SSDs have killed R&D into the 2.5" market. why make higher capacity spindle drives when faster SSDs are the future? They'd rather research and invest in high capacity SSDs than spindle drives. Bigger spindle drives can't match SSDs in performance and produce more heat and use...
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    Migrate/Convert a site from Teams to SharePoint

    Teams creates a sharepoint site on the backend for all the files and the wiki portion. Members in a teams channel should be able to go to their one drive and see the files being shared and access anyfiles in sharepoint. We havent needed to convert to the normal sharepoint site since do...
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    Looking For Ideas On Server Software Architecture

    Did you ever get going on this? Regardless of which route you take, there will be some learning in installing and running either proxmox or esxi. I haven't started down the proxmox path, but Ido use the esxi free version for home and higher end vsphere paid version for the advanced features...
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    Has anyone compared FreeBSD ZFS vs ZFS on Linux?

    ooo perfect timing for me as I'm looking to decommission my old ZFS server and was looking at ZOL stuff since it's caught up to ZFS on FreeBSD. I'm curious as to what people use to manage their ZFS. All command line? any web front ends? I'm looking at a new storage server for backups
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    Have HDDs gotten any faster in the last decade?

    my 10 year old WD 1TB Greens average 60-70MB/s. It had not occurred to me that they were all running at SATA 2 (3gbps) until I picked up new drive in Nov and realized it ran at 200MB/s as a spindle drive... Time to upgrade my 7 year old servers to the latest 6gbps...
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    School me on drives please

    Depending on your install, might just be windows settings that need tweaking... You can try Diskbench? Has a couple more options than just Crystaldiskmark I would also suggest booting off...
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    Recording with 2 cams

    2 ways come to mind: recording each camera and then combining the two in post after its done to create a new file. All the work and time is spent after the game is done to add graphics and text, etc. This would need a separate video editor like Adoboe Premier or movie maker, etc. mixing them...
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    Need Anti-Virus Recommendations

    Interesting read if you missed it. This was the big reason why we had to remove Teamviewer, Logmein, and all other remote programs from our environments. To be fair, Avast bought Piriform and discovered it was compromised before it got bought, so it wasn't really a technical/developmental fault...
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    Best bang m.2 NVMe

    The HP's a good choice and has picked up in popularity lately.,3891.html
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    Best bang m.2 NVMe

    I would advise getting a 500+GB if you don't want to look for a new SSD in a year or so for 2 reasons. 1) extra space never hurts 2) SSD performance goes down as the drive fills up. So u start to see performance drops once u get 50% fill on cheaper drives. I grabbed a Samsung PM981 off Ebay for...
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    Anyone else use Seagate Ironwolf drives?

    These days, I buy drives based on the ease of the RMA... I expect the drives to fail and if it's really important, I'll pick up a cold spare to use while I RMA the def one. There are sometimes differences between size/models and It's good to check other user experiences and backblaze. I haven't...
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    System Image of Ubuntu Systems

    I have not yet used it cause i usually dont boot into the system I'm imaging, but I'm adding it to the short list of things to try sooner... maybe try that out on migrating ubuntu from hdd to ssd on a laptop... see if i can live boot an ubuntu usb and clone it... that would be helpful for the...
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    System Image of Ubuntu Systems

    That is the Gnome Disk Utility for creating disk image... I've used ghost4linux, clonezilla, and Fog project for cloning and imaging both windows and linux systems... Clonezilla booted from live usb via UBCD/YUMI multiboot...
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    PC-Q25 Replacement

    RAID is not a backup... RAID just keeps ur data accessible while a drive dies... having a second server with RAID could be a backup solution :-p Or having a friend with a server can be a backup solution... Or having a bunch of external USB drives... I like this case: SilverStone DS380B it's...