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    Dual Channel kits a rip off ?

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    FYE Wii Bait & Switch

    Im not sure why people knock the way, the maker of the video, spreads his message. The media type used to inform others of horrible business ethics, hardly invalidates the message. Its the principle of the matter that is up for discussion, not a hard concept to grasp. Perhaps before calling...
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    XBOX 360 has everything a PC has..Why cant you load windows onto it?

    Why would you want to put windows on it. I would think anything beyond a proof of concept would just lead to even more instability in the machine.
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Take a look at the makeup of the current Blizzard. Are the leaders, who worked on the titles Blizzard is known for still there ? If you want to call, cold hard facts ... "hating" so be it.
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    A guy buys and smashes the xbox360 at a Best Buy launch...

    Ya this act is pretty old. There used to be this guy with long curly hair "Galager" (sp?) or something that would smash stuff with a hammer, mostly water melons. Its old and played out ... like sega.
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    X360 to have more MMORPGs

    I have seen concept sketches of the keyboard / controller. I dont know if they are going to go with the one I saw, as the final design but the keyboard was small and fit between the two pontoons (for lack of a better word) on the controller. I dont think it is a matter of them just not...
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Blizzard is no longer the same company that brought us some of the greatest titles such as: rock and roll racing, lost vikings, warcraft, warcraft 2, starcraft, diablo. Vivendi made sure of that.
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    A guy buys and smashes the xbox360 at a Best Buy launch...

    Dude its Canada, home of BC bud, it helps keep you warm. :D
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    TheInquirer: Gaming is headed for an inevitable crash

    Doomsday scenarios are moronic, the only thing that surpasses these "sky is falling" rants, is the ineptitude of the inquirer. Sequels are fine, people need to stop bashing them. WoW is a sequel, albeit a new format, but a sequel never the less, and it seems to be doing ok. As did Halo 2...
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    HDTV-On switch on the Xbox360 CABLE

    Im going to bet the people still complaining about a lack of AA, are having this very problem.
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    Do you think Xbox360 will be easily attainable before Christmas?

    Basic marketing. Limit the supply, increase the demand, thus increasing buzz on the system. Just in time for christmas you ship a mass supply of 360s, which makes everyone happy that they have a 360 under there tree, and in turn max. profits. Microsoft has three of the largest...
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    WoW and AMD

    I believe the game has to be programed with dual cores in mind to see any perfromance gain. I do not believe that WoW was program that way.
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    XBOX 360 VGA and Optical 5.1 Audio Question

    I really want to know the answer to this as well. I have heard different things. Someone told me there is only a s/pdif (looks likea headphone plug) and it only does stereo. Someone else said there is infact an optical out from the VGA cord. Someone please settle this once and for all.
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    Is my rig better than an xbox 360?

    As much s I hate the O-RLY bird, I have to say I got a little chuckle out of that one. I have nto seen it before. You may want to snip the bottom copyright thingy tho.