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    Best SSD currently ?

    Yeah, that's all correct. I'm guessing they'll eventually merge the two together and/or phase out one name, similar to how WD/SanDisk dropped the latter for SSDs. I hadn't realized they put out a copy of the SK Hynix P41 under the Solidigm name. I thought I'd read that they were going to...
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    Low temperatures an issue for NAS?

    I've kept systems in unheated, non-insulated garages that could get down into the 30s and as high as 90+, to no ill effects. YMMV.
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    Best SSD currently ?

    SK Hynix P41 WD SN850x Samsung 980 Pro/990 Pro (the latter is gonna hurt) Seems like this question pops up every few weeks.
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    Planning to buy M1 MacBook Pro 16

    If you think you'll eventually have use for it and can afford the upgrade, then yeah, go for it.
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    Intel i7-13700k vs AMD Ryzen 7900x ?

    It's not the same thing. Did you read that link at all? (Emphasis mine.)
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    NVMe write cache slowdown. It is really a problem?

    No, it's not an issue in virtually any real-life usage. It's simply a benchmark that details when and what happens when the SSD's cache fills up. The write rate that most of those SSDs drop to when the cache is full (~1200-1800 MB/s) is still 2-3x that of SATA3 (max ~550 MB/s real-world) and as...
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    Intel i7-13700k vs AMD Ryzen 7900x ?

    Yes, for the CPU. But you have to pair that with a chipset that also supports ECC for such DIMMS to actually be supported. Intel's current consumer-level desktop chipsets (e.g., Z790, B660, etc.) do not support ECC. This is clearly noted on their product pages (linked). If you need ECC, then...
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    Intel i7-13700k vs AMD Ryzen 7900x ?

    Intel's consumer/desktop chipsets don't support ECC. You'd need one intended for workstations, such as the W680. For that you'd need to look to producers like SuperMicro, or workstation-centric lines from Asus, Asrock, etc.
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    14TB HDD for Gaming PC Backups/Imaging File(s) and File Backups?

    I'd think each will perform about the same for the job described. Single-system backups are fairly low-intensity. I'd probably just go off of other factors, such as warranty, cost, any given noise-level specs, etc.
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    Ddr4 vs ddr5

    Unless one is going for a budget system or is looking to bring over DDR4 from another system, I see no reason to not go with DDR5. Yeah, it'll cost a bit more (DDR5-5600 is maybe ~150% of DDR4-3200 currently from a quick glance at NewEgg's listings), but that difference is narrowing and will be...
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    Amazon - SK hynix Platinum P41 PCIe NVMe Gen4 M.2 2280 Internal SSD 1TB ($102) and 2TB ($170)

    Seems like an odd choice to dump a drive that ranks the best or within a few percentage of being so in virtually every benchmark just because it wasn't as great in one class of tests, especially when the replacement wasn't even tested and there's only promises and assumptions to go off of.
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    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    There's just some basic overhead in the OS finding where a file is located withing the file system, feeding that info to the drive, the drive accessing the file's location, the OS allocating RAM to hold the file, and a bunch of other small things that add up. Throwing the fastest CPU at it will...
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    School me on VLans Please and Need Help w/Static IPs

    I'm guessing the ISP set up the WAN side with a /29 ( Subtract out the network, broadcast, and gateway addresses, that leaves five to the user. If that's the case, then no, it's not possible to assign LAN hosts or any of the router's LAN interfaces any of these addresses. They...
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    Do NVMe's SSD's today provide real-world performance advantages over SATA SSD's?

    Yeah, not going to count hacked UEFI images towards supporting NVMe boot.