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    AMD 6X50 Series Info Leaked

    Hopefully will get more performance / watt and slightly lower temps But I'm guessing msrp pricing still won't exist, so maybe next year
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    Intel releases the ATX 3.0 power supply spec

    Low noise and soundproof! I'm in
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    NVIDIA’s Miner vs. AMD’s Whiner - CES 2022

    Same performance but probably cheaper to produce.. Maybe when AMD uses their chiplet design on the next generation cards there will be better stock
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Panda wireless N is solid though, that's my go to for USB
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    List of Games Affected by DRM Issue in 12th Gen Intel Core Processors

    So we all agree right? Don't buy any games with Denuvo
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    I mean...if you make a website link on your desktop that specifically starts with microsoft-edge:// then you probably wanted it to start in edge rather than your default browser no?
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    Alphabet's Wing to pass 100,000 drone delivery milestone this week

    But if the drone only flies above the street and drops it off at the end of the driveway or mailbox, you can't even say it was on your property. Who knows.. maybe they'll just start dropping packages from really high up and hope for the best.
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    A fresh new Firefox is here

    I figured, I was more annoyed that my space theme stopped working tbh. Been using it since the early Firefox days :(
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    A fresh new Firefox is here

    You rule
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    US PC shipments soar 73% in the first quarter as Apple falls from top spot

    HP is the only good laptop with a newer ryzen 5000U series and the convertible / x360 design.. Last I checked anyways which was a couple months ago. Dell had a much pricier ryzen 4000U laptop
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    Xbox always on DRM is back.

    At first it was just discs though until sometime made that nifty iso loader
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    The New ODROID Is A Beast!

    Corsair Flash Voyager 128 GB 3.0 gets 440 MB/s and 210 MB/s (both sequential). There is a 3.2 gen 1 model that gets 430 MB/s read and write seq. The caveat is you need a UASP compatible USB 3.0 port and the mobo driver installed...
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    Intel's Rocket Lake Blasts Off With Fewer Cores, Higher Pricing

    Don't they run stupidly hot too?