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    Creative Labs Refurbs. G5, G6, X3, AE-5. $69.99-$99.99

    Any reason I wouldn't pony up 20 bucks and get the g6?
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    new to VR and looking for purchase recommendations

    If you can afford it, the Index is still an awesome piece of tech - I use it as a VR developer - but like others have said, Quest 2 is a good starting point until you know VR is for you
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    New OLED Nintendo Switch dropping October 8th

    Ah! We fell for it - the old bait and...switch I'll show myself out now
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    My GTX 1080 has died

    All I can say is, good luck OP - I feel for you. This would suck any normal year but it's even shittier because of the bullshit scalpers/miners. I hope it works out for you - I've got a 1080 TI and I might just repaste it just as a precaution, it's certainly been long enough
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    Various Star Wars games on sale on Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store, Epic

    The nostalgia is real - I remember staying out all night playing this game, using force choke and just dropping people off the walkways on that one map with nothing but pits and walkways. I think you could make an entire game with just that gameplay mechanism (Force Unleash got somewhat there)
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    Best bang for buck 49 inch? (Light gamer, more for productivity/development (non color corr)

    Decided against the huge display and picked up a 34 Dark Matter - it's like 3440 x 1440 - this is not my main setup in any case, and I might toss a 2nd monitor in portrait mode, if I need to do that? Most games have locked FPS option so if I need to I can set that; I'm fine with 60 fps.... I...
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    Best bang for buck 49 inch? (Light gamer, more for productivity/development (non color corr)

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my current setup, a 32 QHD HP Omen with a 27 inch FHD Dell monitor on each side. While I used to game back in the day and occasionally still do, my standards were such that I never really felt the need for more than 60 FPS - generally I try to follow the "unseen...
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    Record Anomalous Nernst Conductivity

    You wouldn't download Uranium 238...would you?
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    Rage 2 (Epic Store 02/18- 02/25)

    They are taking the long-view and I think it will actually work to some affect - what is Steam making every year, with little effort on Valve's part? is it 4 billion now? Probably more. Epic wants a piece of that and they'll get it - the hardest part was getting peoplse to install new software...
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    Steelcase Leap V2? (NEW OPEN BOX) $299.11

    the most important thing out of everything here is to check the label of the chair in the back for its manufacture date - because that's the timeframe of your warranty - Steelcase will honor it and most likely the manufacture date is not the beginning of your warranty that's when it was first...
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Dark is right. It's still unsettling to me to confront this - I got a little into mindfulness meditation, and the more aware you are of the absolute spontaneity of your thoughts, the more you see how little free will you actually have. Even reading this statement, your reaction - if it matches...
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    CYBERPUNK 2077 US$43.99 / $41.79 with code

    On an electronic copy??? What is this company, Nvidia? (yes I know software != hardware but I don't believe their supply problems were involuntary by any means.
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    scalpers starting to return cards LOL

    I hope all scalpers die or change. That might sound harsh, let's be honest, I don't game like I used to and don't "need" the card so it's not like it's affecting me much. But the type of person who looks at that situation and thinks, how can I unfairly take advantage of this system? I'm not...
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    [TechSpot] Quad 3090 tested in a workstation

    Saw this - apparently it's mostly the power draw, I would have thought more issues from the software side but I guess not. I'm still not convinced, since the article says they aren't offering quad builds to most customers. All they said was you need a 20 amp circuit, that's not a huge problem...
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    Sony LISTENS to Voice Chats to Scan for 'TOXICITY' in Latest PS4 Update?!

    I go back and forth with this. It's like the anti-bullying stuff I see in schools. Part of me thinks we are coddling the kids. But the, I think, sensible part of me rightly asks the questions, "wait, am I just LETTING a bully beat up a kid, just to help make him tough? surely there's a better...