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    100% CPU right-click utilization on XP, bug

    doesnt happen to me, but I have seen it happen to other peopls comps it is because all the crap that programs put in the right click menu.
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    What email client are you using?

    Mozilla Thunderbird
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    finding torrent files

    You can use google :D just type "name filetype:torrent". Demo
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    Free Panda Platinum 7

    Mods please delete this if you don’t think it is appropriate. To get your free copy of Panda Platinum 7 go here fill in the information submit it, and you are taken to the download page (to download the software :rolleyes: ) and the authorization code is sent to your email. I have downloaded...
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    A Cooler for Intel p4 3.4 GHZ LGA 775

    That seems really low even a northwood would have to have good cooling to get that low :confused: . That cooler looks like it would crush the cpu and if it fell out crush every thing else in your case :eek: .
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    CPU Delima

    I read some were the giga-byte boards read from the sensor on the cpu and that is why it shows it show hot. A thermal probe near the CPU reads about 106F during load and about 92F durning idle. I never thought of monitors because I have 2 17" CRT's in my room. Guess I will stick with the...
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    CPU Delima

    Right now I have 2 CPU’s. One is a Northwood 3.06GHZ and the other is a Prescott 3.2GHZ. The problems is I am in a small room and it seems to get extremely hot (I don’t think to the point were the chip is in danger, but it is uncomfortable) the bios on the gigabyte motherboard read it at about...
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    Software for fresh install of xp

    Search!!!!! I remeber atlest 3 threads like this
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    free kingston blue glow mouse~!!!!

    Got my mouse today via USPS. To bad it is a ball mouse but it is free...
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    OEM vs Retail XP?

    I dont think there is any legal way to do it and even if you did find a way I dont think it would install.
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    OEM vs Retail XP?

    Mabye get a legal version of XP and you would not have to worry about anything :mad: and if you say you bought one you most have a hell of a lot of money to waste....
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    OEM vs Retail XP?

    I have replaced my mobo and cpu and it still let me reactivte it without any problems.
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    screwed os?

    If your windows xp disc is the same version and type it should work.