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    Anyone decent with MDX?

    heya, i tried messing around with NOT() also, but couldn't seem to get it to do what i wanted.. i was probably using it incorrectly i've slept on it and i'm going to give a couple of things a twirl today.. the first being scope statements just to null off the level i am not interested in, and...
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    Anyone decent with MDX?

    Hi, This has been driving me nuts for the best part of an hour.. please help, my MDX is clearly far too rusty :/ I have a Fact table with say 10 records.., and a Dimension table with 2 options in it I have a Fact Count Measure called 'Count', which results in the following: Count...
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    mySQL table(s) structure

    your getting messed up with your identity seed.. sql server does not just randomly assign unique ids. i am going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that you have deleted a row for testing or something and then added a new one back in and are wondering why its been given the next id and...
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    2 quick VB.NET questions

    i would strongly recommend you use SQL server instead, access is horrible. it will be faster and a lot easier to manage yes you will have to send her the db, and also set up sql server on her machine, thats not a big pain though...
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    2.5" 7200 HDD

    Hi, I am after a faster hard drive for my laptop.. can anyone recommend one to me, or are they all much of a muchness? I was going to get a Seagate Momentus: cheers!
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    Exchange & Outlook on 2 PCs

    i used to be a contract worker at BP (the oil company), they do exactly this, and they were particularly anal about their security.. so im sure its fine :)
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    want to buy bluetooth headphones for cell/computer

    great information.. do you know of any bluetooth speakers that are avail? 2.1 would be sufficient.. be very handy for my laptop ty
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    Changing My Laptop?

    Samsung X60 T2500 2Gb RAM 100Gb HDD Ati x1600 256mb 15.4" 1680x1050
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    Lenovo -- Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

    same where i work, but i dont beleive the build quality has slipped much.. the customer service is still as good as ever :]
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    Yonah to Merom

    Well, if that actually is the case... maybe I should go ahead and get the Yonah and then decide if I need 64bit at a later date. Surely there will be a difference in this support between machine manufacturers... do any laptop builders have a better reputation for this type of thing over...
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    Yonah to Merom

    my main reason for considering 64-bit was vista... and the assumption that office 2007 will also ome in 64bit flavour hmm.. but i think you are right. ill have a think about it cheers!
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    Yonah to Merom

    Hey, What are the chances do you think of purchasing a Yonah laptop now and upgrading it to a Merom when they are released.. i know its a very longshot.. but i was considering buying a laptop in the next couple of months but would really really like a 64-bit Intel offering or should i...
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    what text setting SHOULD you use for sites you work on?

    small, x-small etc are displayed differently in different browsers.. px or pts are better, but again can give problems with resizing etc best to use ems as suggested.
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    Acer TravelMate 8100

    does anyone have 1st hand experience with comparison between Acer and IBM screens?
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    Acer TravelMate 8100

    soz, my bad i was kind of assuming that as they are quite popular machines people would know :) Acer: (scroll to bottom for tech specs)...