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    So it finally happened...

    Thermaltake Xaser III, I knew that sounded familiar. My second computer build a Thermaltake Xaser III black with Thermaltake fan controller (My favorite fan controller). MSI 865 pe Neo2 fisr MB and Intel P4 2.8 replaced with a Intel 3.4. OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Platinum - Dual Channel CL2 memory...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    The Asus GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition is equipped with Concrete-core Chokes and Hardened MOSFETs to withstand much greater stress and heat
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    Gateway FHD2401 24in LCD

    No one here has any info or first hand experience with the Gateway 2401. Come on guys any backlight bleed on the 2401 like we suffered on the 2400? Thanks :)
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    whats the best 24" lcd to get?

    I own the Gateway FHD2400. It has a beautiful, sharp, dynamic picture. I mostly game and love it for this. Red is fairly strong out of the box but I just adjusted it down. Text is sharp also. The only problem is I have the well known problem of severe back light bleed. If you look up the Gateway...
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    Whats up with Glossy Screens??

    I'm a gamer so I love the look of the glossy screens also :)
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    OLED 22-24" this year....

    Any word when we can actually expect one of these to hit the market? Seems like they been delayed quite a few times.
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    Gateway FHD2401 24in LCD

    For those of you who bought this monitor Gateway 2401, did you have the severe back light bleed that the FHD 2400 monitors did?
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    HP W2558HC LCD Monitor

    Update: I tried the color temp adjustment on this monitor and it does help. I still find it has somewhat of a blue tint. I tried custom adjusting the rgb controls but was unable to completely remove the slight blue tint. Perhaps with more time or a colormeter. ymmv
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    Picture quality improvement with HDMI?

    Great responses, Tks to all for your replies. Since the consensus is that for a lcd pc monitor you will proably see no difference Ill stick with dvi until the hdmi is needed.
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    HP W2558HC LCD Monitor

    Yes, I recall the color temp settings when thumbing thru menu. Tks for the tip will take a second look with different color temp and test again with your suggestion.
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    HP W2558HC LCD Monitor

    Dont know which company makes the panel but I've been keeping an eye on this LCD also. Found a helpful review @ I looked at one of these at a local store and it does have a nice picture. I prefer the glossy screen. Only thing I didn't like is the...
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    Upgrading from Win xp pro to Windows 7?

    I'm also holding out for windows7, glad to know I can at least get upgrade pricing. :) I'll be doing a clean install when it drops. Didnt know about the vista upgrade trial to win7 route. Interesting
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    Installing games to a secondary drive?

    I also have all my games installed on a second data drive for many of the same reasons listed above. Any time I do an OS install I dont have to reinstall my games. Certain games do require an install but many dont. In the meantime I have a complete gaming libary at my disposal with virtually no...
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    What are the oldest games you still play often?

    Why of course it would have to be PONG! :)
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    Picture quality improvement with HDMI?

    Has anyone upgraded from a DVI to HDMI Cable on their LCD? Could you tell a difference? Was there any improvement?