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    New Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Helping?

    It doesn't seem like they spent nearly enough time optimizing it for the PC. After CoD:MW2 it's obvious the focus isn't on us PC gamers as much which lead me to boycott this release (which I'm glad I did after reading about the issues with the PC release). I think we need to send a message to...
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    Well, I wish I bought EVGA instead of BFG

    Is EVGA’s tech support available over the phone 24/7/365 like BFG’s as well?
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    ATTN: eVGA 9800GX2 owners!!!

    The PCIe 6-pin power plug was designed and UL listed to provide up to 108W which is in excess of what the 9800 GX2 actually draws from the 8-pin connector. The standard gauge of wire used in conjunction with the 6-pin PCIe power plug is also within spec for handling this load. I’d very...
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    BFG to offer Step-Up-like program!

    It's still lifetime except outside of North America.
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    BFG 8600 GTS OC & OC2 With ThermoIntelligence

    The site was updated with the following apparently: *In an acoustically controlled environment with a background acoustic noise level of 19.2<20 dB(A), the NVIDIA reference fansink measured 39.9 dB(A) and the BFG ThermoIntelligence fansink measured 39.2 dB(A) I guess we'll have to wait to...
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    ATI and NVIDIA under investigation!!???

    If I recall correctly, the GeForce 2 Ultra had an MSRP upwards of $599. After that, the MSRP ceiling for a high end graphics card was around $399 and it's been crawling up slowly from there.
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    AGP Aperture Size?

    Set it to 256MB. I've done some performance testing and that seems to be the optimal setting. In lieu of that, 128MB isn't bad either.
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    New BF2Combat Video! :)

    Good stuff! In the back of my head I always thought that the Gundam Seed orchestral numbers would make good music for a video like this. :D
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    If you go below -12 score you get booted from the BFG servers. Also, several TK's get you booted and couple more after that (assuming you come back) results in a ban.
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    That's one of several changes we were working on which are now in place. Feedback FTW! :D Additionally, we've got an AF server up at
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    33/64 ATM... Yay!
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 5-20/5-21

    There is a known issue with having multiple VOIP enabled BF2 server instances on the same box. I should have a stop gap fix in by tomorrow (or uh today) while I work on a long term solution.
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    ATTN BF2 Players: [H] BF2 Weekends?

    Hogan directed me to this thread, and building on what he said, I'd be happy to do reserved slots for anyone from these boards that would be a regular on our servers. I'm also open to suggested changes, map rotations modifications, and potentially adding more server admins should the demand be...
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    7900 GTX Forceware for Windows XP x64?

    Windows 9x/ME don't support the PCIe bus though, so no need for drivers for these cards. :D
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    BFG Lifetime Warranty

    I think because of holiday gift giving (we just got past "that" time of year after all), every company experiences drastically increased call volume.