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    who likes pot?

    DIGITAL artwerk
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    A.I Disabled in HL2. Help Please

    notice his lack of response ;)
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    Please Valve stop this title spamming

    I'd buy it, I'm pretty into that stuff.
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    Apple iPod Socks

    They could start making normal socks with the apple logo on them and call them iSocks and sell them for $10 a pair. And you guys know these arent socks for the feet right? They are cozies for the ipod.
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    Please help, this is a easy task

    It was just done in the thread with the mountain lake. Why are you guys acting up now? If it's just black do it yourself in MSpaint.
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    Photoshop malfunction

    I'll check my gfx card's color settings tonight, maybe I accidentally changed it for some reason.
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    Any gamers 30 and over and do you let your kids play too?

    As long as your a good parent. Columbine didn't happen because of video games, it happened because of bad parenting.
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    Photoshop malfunction

    It was fine a couple weeks ago
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    Photoshop malfunction

    Recently my photoshop's brightness is off. The pictures look brighter in photoshop than they do when finished and viewed out of it. This problem isnt't too dramatic but I'd liek to know the exact colors im working with,
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    photochop this wallpaper I found, please.

    Or even easier: Clone stamp tool
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    Ok let's see who's a gamer or hard core geek :)

    im pretty bad but all i can recongnize is: Call of duty, AIM, shortcut to CD Drive?, Winamp, bit torrent, Doom 3, quake2?, steam, ut2k4, KOTOR, Starcraft:Broodwar, Painkiller, hl2, cs, ventrilio I guess i didnt do too bad Does your taskbar really look like that!? BTW. I think this is...
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    photochop this wallpaper I found, please.

    If you can wait about 4 hrs from now I'll do it.
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    I was thinking of getting the msi k8n neo2
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    MSI K8N neo2? What do you all think about the MSI K8N neo2?