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    best recent(ish) co-op games

    Thanks for linking to Co-Optimus guys! (that's my site) :)
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    Halo 2 Vista

    No, it was officially delayed until the 22nd by Microsoft. If anyone is interested in a review I wrote it up over on Evil Avatar.
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    New Vista beta drivers in the next few days

    That's cool. I wonder if they are going to fix the issue where the fan runs at high speed using Aero.
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    Socket 939 Alliance Recognition

    Wow. That's awesome. Good to see them recognizing a large consumer base (even in the hardcore market) is still out there.
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    Watch the AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Sell on ebay

    If it had a flux capacitor, I'd be all over it.
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    Xbox360 wired controller and Vista x64 problem

    There's an updated driver available via Windows update. Make sure you snag that.
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    Microsoft Live Nowhere

    my guess is Live Anywhere will be announced at GDC in a few weeks.
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    I'm in. I have 3200+ right now but I'm looking for a 4800+. If anyone can point me to where one is in stock for a decent price I'd appreciate it! :)
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    NVidia XP Drivers on Media Center

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    Gamefly... or should I say USPS?

    Getting to me...usually no. Getting back to them. Yes. I've had 2 games that were never received by them. No idea why.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    blank for me too. First no no coupon?!? Those bastards.
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    Trusty Bell (jRPG Xbox 360)

    the best thing about this game is all the music is Chopin. In fact, I believe Chopin is part of the story somehow. Very cool!
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    So this is the "XBoy"

    It's a music player, not a gaming device. It was never going to play games...ever.
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    Help me make a Xbox live name!

    TheHardHupo HupoThePanda Pandalamadingdong Hupohopahomerang
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    Table Tennis

    I really don't see this working on the Wii because it's just so damn fast. I know I can't play TT in real life like what's happening in the game, which is basically what you'd be doing with the Wii! I'm really impressed with the game so far, I just wish it wasn't so damn hard to unlock the...