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    Photoshop gurus - Adivce on tablets...

    Wacoms are definitely worth it. I'm currently saving for one of the cintiq models.
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    Sept 10th: You won't believe your eyes

    I would say late 2011 or 2012. No way are the next consoles coming in 2010. I'd say a PS3 slim or 360 slim, and a black Wii w/ DVD make it to the market in 2010.
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    Sept 10th: You won't believe your eyes

    interesting, good find GoldenTiger. If thats the performance of this puppy....then wow...
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    e3 mgs worse than tgs trailer?

    TGS MGS4 Snake: E3 07 MGS4 Snake: looks pretty much the same to me, maybe different shade of lighting and small model adjustments (brown straps on the suit).
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    UT3 timed exclusive for 2007 PS3/PC .

    both should be pretty similar consider both will have M&KB support and mod support. PC most likely better graphically though, but that will probably cost more money.
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    Killzone 2 screenshot?

    2 more:
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    Killzone 2 screenshot?

    images from the 720p realtime trailer.
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    Killzone 2 screenshot?

    best looking console game, period.
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    PS3 - 1.80 coming tomorrow

    Can't wait to fire up MGS3, GOW2, and most of all SotC (which had the biggest IQ problems IMO; but still a great game).
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    Playstation Eye (pics/info) Q&A Kinda ugly looking, but the features seem preety damn sweet.
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    Stores Canceling PS3 Orders In UK

    The ps3 launch seems to be having a positive effect on blu-ray sales in the UK and the rest of Europe. Pretty expected, but nice none the less. :)
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    PS3 Fastest Selling console in British history.

    Not bad sony, not bad at all.
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    UK PS3 Launch is a disaster.

    If anybody was wondering, heres the games UK'ers were buying the most... no sales numbers though. Resistance, F1 and motorstorm are kinda expected. Funny to genji in the top 10 dispite reviews (great graphics, poor gameplay). edit: heres overall games