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    Steve Jobs To Grace US Postage Stamp In 2015

    :p I also noticed that two of the alarm clocks in my house share a similar design yet are different brands. Those red LCD numbers looks awfully similar too...
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    i think i finally came into contact with a cryptobit virus

    Compelling argument. I'm going to start my own backyard breeding operation, purely for the valuable (but not yet widely accepted) dog fart currency. The best part is that I can sell the puppies to dog lovers when I'm tired of bottling their farts. It's a brilliant (yet sick) win-win.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    I like the box fans in the back. Simple but effective. ;)
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    another recommend me a keyboard thread

    The G105 is pretty nice. I have the "COD MW3 version" which I bought a while back on Amazon. I believe it was a sale around Black Friday and I paid somewhere around $30 to $40 for it. Again, it's a pretty nice keyboard for the price. Personally, I bought it for the green backlit keys (which...
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    Code Keyboard -- new favorite keyboard

    Thanks for posting. I never heard of this keyboard until now. I checked out the website and it appears to be a very well built mechanical keyboard. If only Logitech built their keyboards this well.
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    Old school console music...

    I was browsing through this thread and wow, talk about a trip down memory lane! :p
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    Powercolor Radeon 7870 Myst RMA Woes

    That's terrible customer support. The only thing that makes sense is if the fan was damaged during shipping but based on what you said I'm assuming you packaged it properly before shipping it out. It sounds like they'll do almost anything to get out of replacing items under warranty. If...
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    Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/240G 240GB $140

    Yes, TigerDirect is running a promo through February 26th - $20 off $100 or more if paying with Bitcoin:
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    I completely agree. I really miss those days as well. I remember when they first started charging for DLC and I thought it was a crazy idea. I couldn't imagine anyone actually paying for DLC and I never thought it would catch on. Boy was I wrong. :(
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    What smartphone do you use and why?

    The Galaxy S3 is a great phone, I had one before getting the S4. I feel the same way about my current Galaxy S4, I mostly likely won't replace it until it breaks or only if something really nice comes out. Both the S3 and S4 are excellent all around phones and the S4 suits my needs perfectly.
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    i think i finally came into contact with a cryptobit virus

    I'd venture to guess that this is an unpopular view on most internet forums but I'd have to wholeheartedly agree. I never did see much use for them outside of the criminal element (which, incidentally, is what these "ransomware" virus' appear to use).
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    Steve Jobs To Grace US Postage Stamp In 2015

    I got a good laugh from that! :D
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    Logitech G430 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - $40 + FS

    When I bought my G930 at Best Buy recently I noticed the G430s there and took a quick look at all the display models for comparison. I'm also concerned about cheap quality headsets. In my quick comparison, the G430 seemed to be built the same as the G35 (or G930), just with less features.
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    Steve Jobs To Grace US Postage Stamp In 2015

    That and claim the stamp has "spectacular new innovations" that were actually around long before their marketing people made it into a main selling feature. I can actually picture an Apple commercial for their "innovative" stamp glue.:p
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    Gygabyte is selling more than Asus.

    Does anyone else also prefer Gigabyte due to their lower pricing and (in my opinion) very comparable quality?