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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz Bought this thing on a complete whim after seeing people setting it up with Virtual Desktop and playing PCVR games at a rock solid 90fps. Can't go back now, the display is great, the setup was easy, and the tracking is surprisingly good. This is...
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    Retro video game ad thread.

    Nintendo Power, but this was always one of my all time favorite/memorable cover pages.
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    ION Fury

    Wait, that was Blade from SiN at the end! This looks like amazing!
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    What Game or Series would you like to see brought back to Life this Year?

    Splinter Cell...but Ubisoft would utterly destroy it...
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    Massive DOSBox update, Windows 95/98 and 3DFX Voodoo emulation with DOSBox-Pure

    A truly incredible update as now the operating systems themselves are being fully emulated with the power of 3DFX Voodoo graphics: Cannot wait to see the huge variety of old-school games that people are going to try out. There are probably an enormous...
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    Games to Play with young kids

    You need a nice simple, easy to pick up and play game with almost zero difficulty. I recommend Dwarf Fortress or Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.
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    Ashes: Afterglow - Post apocalyptic goodness

    I have 'finished' it. It took some time, but it is quite literally one of the best mods games I've played in quite a long time. It's got a LOT more story than I was expecting and the guys behind it are pretty much setting this up to be a major recurring series. There's twists and turns...
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    Ashes: Afterglow - Post apocalyptic goodness

    I cannot stress how damn good this game is. Upgradeable weapons, complex/enormous levels, and just amazing quality all around. It's a once in a rare while amazing game that pulls you in.
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    Ashes: Afterglow - Post apocalyptic goodness

    I haven't seen anyone speak about this mod on here, so I'm doing so. Say hello to the Ashes series, a post apocalyptic Doom mod about where you're a scavenger whose going around the ruined, abandoned America, fighting mutants, getting into firefights with raiders, and scavenging every drop of...
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    GPU is getting power but no image

    One thing that plagued my previous build was using a slightly older monitor(TV w/ HDMI) and having massive amount of issues. Turns out the entire problem was with the TV itself. My TV worked perfectly with a prior build, but the new build would never show up on screen. Finally got a newer TV and...
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    Resident Evil 4 VR Announced Exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2

    Wow, swing and a miss. This is legit one of the few titles I would get in a heart beat, but that Oculus exclusivity is a massive killer. I can wait for this to be released on SteamVR. Where the HELL is RE7 VR?
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls

    Just use the Titan Two and connect everything to anything! It cuts out all frustrations and allows you to customize any combination in any way you can imagine.
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    Rumor: 3080Ti with 12Gb Vram to launch in April

    Nvidia prefers the term 'rumor' when it comes the deployment of the 30xx line of cards.
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    These shoes are an RTX 3080-powered PC

    Now we need to see how well they run.