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    FS: I5-2500k / Asus P8P67 Pro Combo | Video Cards | Dell Gift Card

    Still have the Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0? I'l buy...
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    [FS] GTX 780 OC, Dell U3011 [WTB] 1440 G-Sync 980 TI

    *SOLD* I am selling a GTX 780 OC for $240 that I've used for 2 years albeit extremely lightly. I haven't gamed much due to work. Willing to trade as well. I am also selling a U3011 that was used for the gaming PC with same usage as graphics cards. ($500). Willing to trade as well. I'm looking...
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    Insurgency (Standalone) - How active is it?

    I play it all the time. It is the best FPS imo.
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    Gauntlet Reboot from Arrowhead Game Studios

    Played last night with a friend. It was really fun. It brought back some memories. I'm stoked to play with more.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Is the game out? Or what are people playing? How do I play :)
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    Dell 30" vs 120hz for gaming?

    Thinking about buying a 120hz gaming monitor. I currently game on a 30" dell u3011 Is it a forward switch or backward? Should I buy a 24" 120hz or 27" Any recommendations?
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    3x Dell 24" 2408 monitors

    Selling 3x of these. $600 for all of them. + shipping. From Los Angeles. I use them pretty regularly. One of them is a "HD" version. I used to do eyefinity gaming with them. The one in the middle is the HD monitor.,94oDmWN,MSpnt5t
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    I've been trying to buy this game the past few days but it's still unavailable online. Is there any other way I can get access? Does anyone want to sell their account to me or help me find a source for cd-key?
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    Just got 780... why memory 1502 in MHz?

    The clock looks good: 967 MHz. Boost is 1020MHz but Memory is 1502 Mhz? I thought it is supposed to be 6008 Mhz -- what am I missing?
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    What's difference on EVGA Gtx 780?