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  • Well the server is german though they speak English. There are permissions but they will give them to you straight away (tell them you know me). there is no fall damage, no fire damage except in the nether. Also I have started a town far from the spawn but you can warp there. If I'm online I can show you around but also my friends expendable172,awsomesauce_boi and emperor13 can help you. The main town is underground and we are looking for more people to expand and to me you seemed the perfect type. As you were the first person I played online with and made a town with them. Message me back if you're interested. -thevulcan117 ps ip is
    Im sorry to keep bothering you like this and you probably have forgotten who i am but i was looking for a person to join the minecraft server i play on as we need residents for our town. You may ignore this if you wish as you maybe bored with minecraft or may not want to join another server. I hope you reply

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