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    WTB: Cheap iphones (cracked screen ok)

    Ive got a couple of 6s's. Found them yesterday. They charged up and loaded up fully.
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    Got 5 500gb drives, they were used when I brought them but so far... This is from October of last yr. They live in a raid0 on a perc h710 currently for bulk storage for VM's.
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    WTB: Stadia Controller, also potentially a Chromecast?

    Pretty sure I still have the black round chroncast. Definitely still have the barely stadia used controller (bluetooth converted). Might even have the box. Can verify tonight.
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    FS: Netgear CM1150v Docsis 3.1 Cable modem

    Item: Netgear CM1150v Seller: Angry Price: $40 Shipped SOLD! Trades: None ATM. Shipping: US48 USPS (or UPS if prefered) References: Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Cashapp. Reason: Switch to fiber, and no longer have a use for this. Pics:
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    Anybody use Wireguard VPN?

    Switched from openvpn to wireguard after android 12 on my LG v60 broke openvpn upload speeds. Wish I had went to wireguard a long time ago.
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    Comcast/Xfinity vs Frontier

    In my area, I switched from Comcast to Frontier back in like novemeber after Frontier laid down fiber. Was paying $200+ for comcast and TV. (Required to have a TV plan) for the 1gbps down and 35mb up. Paying Frontier 65.99 for gigabit symmetrical, and now they offer 2gb for $100. And 5gb for...
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    RTX is a joke

    This looks inpressive.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    The later x79 and x99 Chinese boards BIOs have improved. Plenty of builds have been done with them. But still pretty basic enough for a home server.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Would care for an invite myself if possible.
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    Post Your Workstations 2021

    This thread is seriously lacking. :(
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I want a 3080 Ti, but cant swing $1500+ for a gpu. I got extremely lucky and got a 2080 Super, and drove in a snow storm to get it. (It actually hit on the way home).
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    The 970 is still a capable card? Heresy

    Speaking a a Quest 2 owner. VR may not be mainstream, especially the kind of VR experience hardcore PC gamers crave. But the Quest and Quest 2 have sold ALOT. Look at any of the facebook groups (shudder) and reddit to see how active its gotin in the last few months. Since the Quest 1 went on...
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    The 970 is still a capable card? Heresy

    Still rocking my EVGA 970 SSC 970 with an AIO modded on to it at 1500/4000. Just waiting on that 3080 ti.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    More Borderlands 3 since I modded my GTX 970 with an AIO and homemade brackets.
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    PCIe to Six Pin Power Cable...?

    If it has SATA it should be new enough to have 6pin PCIE, unless its as Kardonxt said.