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    I can do $290 shipped

    I can do $290 shipped
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    I do have it. I may wait a few more weeks before selling that low. Thanks for the offer though.

    I do have it. I may wait a few more weeks before selling that low. Thanks for the offer though.
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    Can the hard drives be removed from stock case to use in a desktop pc as eveyday storage?
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    Where is the link for $438? The lowest price I can see is $563.
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    Large Monitor upgrade from LG 43UN700-B (latest IPS version) for strictly office work and 4k movies, please help.

    I have a 43UN700-B that I thinking of replacing. I do not game at all, and the monitor is used for only desktop office work, music production and 4k movies. I sit 3-1/2 feet from my monitor for 6-8 hours a day and I really need crisp text, so I would like to find a large SRGB IPS 4K panel...
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    [H]ot PIA VPN Deal

    PIA is so common that many of their ips are blocked. Consider a lesser known VPN (Google it up, they tend to be more expensive though), or run two separate wireless access points. One for main browsing, the other dedicates to Netflix
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    Intel laptops now under attack

    So bad idea to purchase a older intel based laptop, due to all these issues. Or much ado about nothing? I need a laptop for backup, but Id rather not buy a I7 and have any security patch limit the power. Am I just tripping?
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    interface is nice, I had two of them. didn't do anything for decreasing my bill at all. Not an issue with the device, more so my home AC/heating system I think. Sold them as I am doing my best to have as little geolocation information on my home as possible. good buy from google though...
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    Ars has the new Haswell i5 NUC for preview

    started researching these, why in the world did the price jump from $379 ish during the review phase to over $450 retail?
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    Fresh Labor Violations At Factory Making “Cheap” iPhone

    because Americans supposedly care about things like working conditions, proper pay for hours worked, child labor laws, in what is supposed to be a American company whether Americans "really "care about these issues is debatable
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    CM Cosmos 2 175 (refurb)

    thanks , think I need one of these, at this price
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    HP G56 laptop won't boot with SSD in

    it appears that the drive is sata2, without a hacked bios to allow for the bios to read the proper boot sector, would be to try the x25m. might also want to download a copy of the Windows 8.1 preview, and see if you can install the ssd using 8.1, it may have the proper boot loading drivers...
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    HP G56 laptop won't boot with SSD in

    most older hp machines in which they have NOT updated the bios, are locked per say to only allow sata2 ssd drives. look into a older intel x25m 80, 120 or 160GBP. those should work, and are pretty cheap. certainly not as fast at the current ssd drives, but still significantly snappier than...
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    PayPal Cuts Off “Pirate Bay” VPN iPredator

    thanks ill read up
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    PayPal Cuts Off “Pirate Bay” VPN iPredator

    how in the world do you use excess capacity to route other people's traffic? wouldnt that leave you responsible for whatever they do on your allotment? or is their softwre to manufacture multiple ip addresses or something