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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    Used 94LTTCI7HU4Z9ZMP3NVU, thanks man!
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    I would also love a guest pass if anyone has one to give out, thanks! :D Watching streams, I think I'm going to like the combat a lot. Looks kind of like TERA, but much more intuitive.
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    Unbearable STOP 0x124 Error

    Well, I was about at that point...but I'll give a slight update that I think signifies a serious development? I was going to take it apart, just to check it out inside, see if I could notice anything blatantly worrying. To do so, I had to remove the battery. Since I've been going at it for...
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    Unbearable STOP 0x124 Error

    I updated the BIOS only a few days ago. The SanDisk Toolkit says there is no firmware information for my device, not sure if that means it's up-to-date or if something else is messing up. I am on vacation and have sketchy internet, but I'm going to try the manufacturer's drivers for stuff...
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    Unbearable STOP 0x124 Error

    Yeah, I have seen that. I have pretty much done all the steps, except for 7 which I am going to do today. Do you mean by this that it is most likely a faulty component, as opposed to any sort of driver/software issue? I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may just have to send this...
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    Unbearable STOP 0x124 Error

    Hey all, I have been running myself ragged trying to figure this out, and I'm at a complete loss at this point. Now I turn to you guys, hopefully you can give me some insight into what the hell is going on. I have a Lenovo T430s that I got about 3 months ago. Here are the specs...
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    Clipping mode disabled in patched Skyrim?

    Just gonna highlight my post above...seems to have worked for lots of people, myself included. Instead of having to put in ridiculous console commands, this should make it work as it's normally supposed to. And yeah, pretty bogus that this is an issue, but it seems to be relatively easy to...
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    Clipping mode disabled in patched Skyrim?

    I don't actually know, but there's another fix you can do using the Oblivion Mod Manager. You just extract the voice file and that's worked for me on my second playthrough (did tcl on my first, as well). There also seems to be a "move to quest target" command that people have said works.
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    Warcraft macro question

    /cast [target=focus] Word of Glory That would work, I'm pretty sure.
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    Question about gaining Exp while on a team in WoW.

    I did UBRS with my friend's hunter as an 80 feral druid. I was pretty poorly geared (greens/blues) and it was easy except for the Beast and the General. They were quite difficult. Never solo'd like MC or anything though...
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    The Big Counter-Strike: Source Update Is Here.

    One of the major things I noticed was that they seemed to make the screen blur a little when you look around (quickly?). Maybe it was just me, but it seemed pretty noticeable. All in all I like the changes, save for the achievements, and I'll probably get used to them. They're mostly cosmetic...
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    Wrath of the Lich King wont install? Read up. It actually sounds like it'll be pretty cool.
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    Anyone know of any movie file name organizers?

    This is exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone have any ideas?