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    psu for g71 sli

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    7800GT SLI or 7900GT

    wow lucky Wife
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    Let me get this straight once and for all...

    Fallguy, I think that he's talking about performance not price
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    Omega drivers still good, if not what is the best currently?

    Omega drivers havent been released since the forcware 60 series so no Omega isnt good for nvidia anymore, Im currently using the nvidia 91.31 beta drivers and their working fine for me byt that might just be me. Just a thought
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    Should I rma my 7900GT?

    What are your idle/load temps? which drivers are you using? have you tried re installing them?
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    I want to overclock my new x1800xt tonight.

    yeah because not many gamers use LCD's nowdays :rolleyes:
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    Do you do Dual GPU?

    I have no need for a dual gpu setup because my 7900gtx runs everything fine at 1280x1024, however if I decide to buy a new monitor with a higher resolution then I will probably go SLI.
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    Why am I having this problem

    I would try 650/800 as they are the reference clocks
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    7900 GTX vs X1900 XTX

    Many perople have said that they have had issues with the ATI drivers, such as instability, and in particular ccc crashing on them, i have nothing against them and have not used them myself i am just going of what many people have said. For me the nVidia drivers are rock solid and havent had any...
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    7900 GTX vs X1900 XTX

    as computerpro3 said dont even considder HDR+AA as an advantage because it is wortless because of the FPS hit especially at 1920x1200. However the x1900xt has better AA and AF performance so thats something to consider I have a 7900gtx and I'm happy with it so far, I could have gone with the...
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    which card for 20" lcd monitor and rts games?

    Not all games will run natively in widescreen and if not most games can be run in widescreen with a simple .ini/.cfg fix Check out Widescreen Gaming Forum its an excelent site and has plenty of good information realating to running games in widescreen etc.
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    x1800xt 512mb vs. 7800gtx 256mb: Which Should I get for my next upgrade?

    I would say go with the x1800xt because it has more to offer than the 7800gtx or 7900gt, outperforms them in many benchmarks, better performance in new games, better IQ and better AA and AF performance. But if heat noise and size are an issue go with the nVidia. btw a quick search wouldnt...
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    7900gtx problem

    Yes there is, Fraps will display FPS in any game you wish edit: woops didnt read the w/o dl fraps part
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    Best secondary PCI card with DVI?

    I read somewhere that the windows GUI has nothing to do with your graphics card power?
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    force 16AF?

    Then why dont you just change the config?