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    Cable Modem Recommendation

    What's your signal levels? How many splitters before the modem? What speed are you seeing?
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    Resurrecting old Hp laptop
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    World Community Grid

    There are several WCG team members producing 1-5 million BOINC points daily the past few weeks. How is this possible? I can't get enough work to keep my machines going due to the download issues. I haven't been able to get any new work for a couple of days. OPN1 and MCM are out of new work...
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    Modem: Slow Download Speeds Motorola 7420

    Looks like a signal issue. Channels 4, 14-15 are out of spec. SNR should be in the 40s. Channels 2-3 are offline. Have you tried power-cycling the modem?
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    I have a Dell Optiplex 990 with a i7-2600 running Folding@Home. May add a GPU to it soon. Main PC is a Dell Inspiron 660 with a i5-3330. Backup PC is a Dell Optiplex with a i5-4570. All machines have 8gb RAM and SSDs. They run Windows 10 fine. No problems.
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    What to look for in a DOCSIS modem?

    Xfinitywifi public WiFi can be disabled in the Xfinity app or in My Account.
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Have them re-provision your modem and verify you're receiving the proper config file for 300 Mbps service. It that still doesn't work, escalate the problem to a Supervisor. This usually gets people moving. They should be able to fix this easily. This is simple stuff.
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Do your Apple devices get the same speed with your router? How many splitters do you have before the modem? What are your signal levels? They may be pushing the wrong configuration file to your modem...
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    You must be subscribed to a low cost 25 Mbps plan. Call Spectrum again and ask them to check your current speed tier. They should be able to update your account for higher speeds over the phone.
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    This is a great idea! I'm kicking myself for not coming up with this. They should have no issue upgrading you to 300 Mbps since you would be using their equipment. You will likely end up paying the same price for higher speeds and a modem that's their problem if it stops working. I would...
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    In the meantime, call Spectrum back and ask to be increased to 100 Mbps. Tell them your modem is already on their network. It's just not functioning at the max speed they support. If they can get you to 100 Mbps and that speed works for you, then you won't need the SB8200. It's worth a shot...
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Good plan. Get the modem working first. Then upgrade your router if your speeds degrade with your current router. Asus AX1800 is a solid choice. It's up to you re: SB8200 vs SB6183 ... SB8200 is overkill and expensive but more future proof. SB6183 is not expensive and will handle your...
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Arris SB6183 supports up to 686 Mbps. $69 on Amazon. If budget is a concern you could go that route. Your Asus RT-N66U is going to be the bottleneck. That can be upgraded later. Sounds like you don't need high speeds anyway.
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Really ... maybe the fact they don't support SB6141 for speeds higher than 100 Mbps is why they won't troubleshoot? Spectrum standard speeds are 300, 500 and 1gb. The OP is paying $74.99 for 25 Mbps. That's silly. He...