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    Print server help. Wireless to wired?

    I can ping the wired router when hooked up by cable. But, when I unhook the cable, I can ping the wireless router, but not the wired router thats hooked to the wireless.... Does that make sense? I'm not sure how else to put it. The situation is, I have my computer setting downstairs.The...
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    Print server help. Wireless to wired?

    Can anyone tell me how to setup my wireless to wired printserver? I have a Linksys wireless router and can logon to the internet etc...I also have an SMC wired - 4 port hub with a built in printserver. I have tried until I'm blue in the face and cannot see the SMC at all. If I hook it up to my...
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    WTS: P4, 3ghz socket 775 complete PC setup

    Intel P4 3ghz,socket 775, DFI Lan PArty 925X-T2 MB,250GB Seagate Sata HD, ( printed on video card sticker) GeForce 6200TC 256MB DDR PCI-e,DVI + HDTV, Samsung 16X DVD writer,512MB PC2700 Kingston HyperX Ram Nice case (heavy!) with full side window. Has a few very minor light scratches on top...
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    FS: A64 3000 + ECS KN1 Extreme Socket 939, IBM Tape drive, Opteron 244

    I may be interseted...I'll PM you :)
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    FS: 160GB Seagate PATA drive

    one more BUMP!
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    FS: 160GB Seagate PATA drive

    "next day bump"
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    FS: 160GB Seagate PATA drive

    I have a Seagate 160GB PATA drive that I just got back from RMA, still in the package that I don't need. I believe the warranty is still good thru 2009. I can double check that and let you know. $45 shipped. Thanks :) FYI- Warranty til Sept 3, 2009
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    Need a Front Panel USB/Firewire for 5.25"!

    Has anyone got an extra laying around? Front Panel USB/Firewire etc.. Needs to be black and fit a 5 1/4" bay. Does not need to be fancy, but needs to work and hopefully have marked wires for easy hookup :) Thanks
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    Help! Need hardrive shipping "egg crate" ends

    Does anyone have a couple extra hardrive shipping "egg crate" ends or other retail stuff ? I need to ship a bad Seagate Hardrive in and they say NO Bubble Wrap.. I'm afraid to send it without. They may not honor the warranty.. If anyone has these I would really appreciate getting them. I'll pay...
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    nextel i730...20$

    I'll take the Nextel phone if you still have it. LMK Thanks!
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    Need a Nextel phone!

    My sons was taken from his locker at school and probably will never be found again. So, I am looking for something cheap for him to replace it with. LMK what you have and how much. Thanks!
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    WTB: Nextel i560 or better..

    LMK what you have and how much..thanks!
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    WTT: Laptop emachine 5105 for system/stuff

    I am looking to possibly trade my trusty laptop for some things I need..(or just want ) Its has 768mb DDR Pc2700 in it, instead of the 256 it came with. It works great. Never any problems. Here is a link to the specs of it...