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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    While I respect your desire for the freedom of choice; it's a bit foolish to neglect updating any software that directly interfaces with any networks, especially the Internet. Pretty sure chrome based browsers require updates just as frequently as Mozilla ones do.
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    Gran Turismo 7

    I will say one thing about Gran Turismo…I do really miss Special Stage Route X. Almost tempted to bust out my PS3 and play it again.
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    Gran Turismo 7

    I had tons of fun with Gran Turismo 6 as well. But I wanted a bigger selection of American and European cars. Seemed that with Gran Turismo they would add any car you wanted as DLC, as long as it was a Nissan GTR.
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    Gran Turismo 7

    Switched to Forza after Gran Turismo 6. I might be ready to give PlayStation and Gran Turismo a try again when this eventually comes out. I’m still running and XBox One X, haven’t send anything compelling enough to upgrade yet.
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    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    Isn't there some Windows network setting that will prevent connections to RFC1918 addresses?
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    Hyper-v, VMware player, or Virtualbox for XP?

    If you decide to use VirtualBox and decide to use the Extensions pack, be careful because Oracle aggresively monitors where it's downloaded from and used. If they suspect that a business is using it, they will come after you. It's only free to use for personal use.
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    iOS 15 Beta

    Any news on what's change with 15.1 so far? I rarely participate in mid-cycle iOS updates.
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    iPhone 13 Coming

    Was waiting to see what the 13 was going to be like before deciding whether or not to upgrade my wife from an XR to a 12 or 13. Thinking the 12 will be good for her. I'll be sticking with my XR for another year or so, will probably get the battery replaced though.
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    iOS 15 Beta

    Looks like the iOS 15 Beta cycle is just about over with. They pushed out the RC yesterday afternoon. Installed the RC and removed the Beta profile off my phone, don't want to accidentally installed 15.1.
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    iOS 15 Beta

    Up to Public Beta 6 today.
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    Cryix 133 mhz

    I finally decided to try to upgrade past 440BX and switched to a board with an i815 chipset. I had read they only supported 512MB of RAM and assumed that it must just be a soft-limit and that you could run more if you had it. That board/chipset was indeed limited to 512MB of RAM... I very...
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    What to do with a really old laptop ?

    When you said "really old laptop", I can in here expecting to see something with a Pentium 4.
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    Sad…I bought an XBox One specifically for this game. I’ve never really been happy with Horizon either. Oh well, I still have Snow Runner!
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    iOS 15 Beta

    Up to Public Beta 4 today. This whole Public Beta cycle has been really stable this time around.
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    iOS 15 Beta

    Finally got around to installing the iOS 15 Public Beta last week. It's been really stable for me so far. Safari is taking some getting used to, and I'm not really liking the new 'Focus'/DND features. I feel like it's going to take me for ever to get my notifications straightened out in a way...