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    Enterprise SSDs for home use

    Go for it, there are some gems of ssds on ebay. I'm already using Micron 5300pro 8tb for my NVR and 5200max 2tb for my torrents. Specially on my NVR is a huge upgrade to search for events, but NxWitness benefits from this.
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    Does anyone know when PCIE 5 NVME drives are dropping?

    Most of NVME are cached based that deliver huge burst, manufacturers like this burst to reach as close as they can to the PCIe limit, so users think are getting a fast drive, but their sustain usually is the same, decent drives can deliver 1k mb/s, the good can sustain 1.5k mb/s, the not so good...
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    Is a WD SN850X good for gaming/system OS?

    Most ssds will net very similar results in games, just faster loading, very little difference between most ssds, so yea, its going to be fine for loading games.
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    How much does the SSD matter for gaming?

    I would go with sata ssd, its cheaper and for gaming... it wont make a difference. Since take time with your upgrades, get the biggest you can afford, and sata is chaper than nvme.
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    Battle of M.2's ( Seagate Firecuda 520 2TB vs. Western Digital Black SN850 2TB ) torn between both. Give me Pro's and Con's

    The WD SN850 and Samsung 980Pro were the top contenders of PCIe Gen4, but imo the Seagate Firecuda 520 with the Phison E16 controller and the newer SK Hynix P41 (this would be my pick) are more evolved NVMEs, imo better than two before, weather you will notice how much better... its very unlikely.
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    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    You could probably use something like stablebit drivepool.
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    Picking a 16TB spinner and noise

    IIRC there are no high capacity 5400rpm drives, if you are worried about noise, simply move them to NAS, a Synology 2 bay would be my suggestion. All my Desktop / Laptops, no longer use spinning drives, and all mechanicals were moved to an unraid server that its outside my hearing range.
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    Windows 10 won't boot after adding second HDD

    Some times, windows creates partitions outside the main drive, i have had builds where if i remove a drive (not the OS drive), i still cant boot, until replug the old drive, this is the main reason i never format with 2 drives connected.
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    Regularly downloading large files to SSD

    I have torrenting 24/7 on a Micron 5200 MAX for two years now, it continues to have 100% on CDI.
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    Solid State Drives Too Damn Small

    SSDs are not small, there are NVME U.2 that have 15TB+, thats pretty close to what spinning drives give you, but the real problem is the price.
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    Why not > 5TB internal HDD drives for laptops?

    Laptop mechanical hdds stop at 2tb, most of the 3/4/5TB are 15mm, very few laptops can fit these drives, even sata is almost gone from laptops, most are on NVMEs now, but if you need the space there are even 8TB NVMEs if you got the money.
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    2 TB Samsung 980 Pro or 2TB WD Black S850 Drive?

    The wierd thing for me with sabrent was that i lost 1% of their endurace each week (the drives were never stressed aside from a new install, programs and games install), very wierd but still today the drives display that endurance on any other motherboard that i have placed them, weather its a...
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    2 TB Samsung 980 Pro or 2TB WD Black S850 Drive?

    Both drives are top end of PCIe 4.0, i bought 980Pro because it was cheaper, but i also own a 850 and been fine.
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    Help choosing 3rd gen SSD for PCI-E 2.0 x4

    Most consumer NVMEs, even PCIe 4.0, can peak to numbers that you might see as waste because of your limitation but the reality is that most of them barely can sustain 1000 mb/s, so if you have well above that, so i would buy whatever your budget allows, probably not PCIe 4.0 because we already...