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    Dell G5 power supply replacement

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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    They say it's not a business decision, then they complain they are losing money on certain cards. It's a business decision. They probably don't see cards being profitable in the future. Not the first time and probably not the last time a company exited the business. Although usually they don't...
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    Upgrade this Gaming rig, or gut it and rebuild?

    We used to use PSUs that came pre-installed in our cases without even thinking. Now we need 1kw PSUs because we are worried about transients? It seems like we were men back then, now we are something else...
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    Getting rid of my Corsair 800D

    They don't make cases like they used to. Old cases are becoming collectible. I definitely wouldn't junk it. You should be able to sell it.
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    This is why I recommend against using a 10 year old PSU for a new build.

    Was the mobo as well or just the card?
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    Worst Game Ever?

    That's why I bought it on GOG, because I never played it before. I couldn't get into it because of the controls though. Learning 30 different key binds is not something I miss from old games. I didn't expect it to be on someone's worst games list though.
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    Upgrade this Gaming rig, or gut it and rebuild?

    Manufacturer recommendations are super conservative because they don't know what else you have in your system. What CPU, overclocking, etc. For example nvidia recommends a 650W for 3060Ti. 3060Ti in a system with a Ryzen 3600 barely draws 300W. Of course you have to factor in transients, but...
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    [Epic Store] Unrailed! (Free Till August [DEAD])

    You can contact customer support to remove a game. They removed it for me before.
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    Rumors of ARC's cancellation...

    Sounds like another delay, no evidence that it's actually being cancelled. Obviously not good for Intel. I would be shocked if they cancelled before releasing at least 1 or 2 gens of cards.
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    Top 100 Games played on Steam at any given time just suck

    I didn't expect Left 4 Dead to still be this popular.
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    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    Feels like everyone is doing it nowadays. I would be embarrassed to own most of the cases on the market.
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    Upgrade this Gaming rig, or gut it and rebuild?

    91% efficiency at 50% load vs 89% efficiency at 100% load. With modern PSUs the difference is so small that it doesn't practically matter. You will also lose efficiency at lower wattage, which negates some of the savings at high load. Unless you run your PC at a fixed load all the time, it...
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    Fractal Pop Series

    The bottom mounted 5.25 inch drive looks interesting. I haven't seen it before or expected manufacturers to bring 5.25 inch bays back. For each 5.25 inch drive you lose a 3.5 inch though.
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    Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island (Prime Gaming June 1st)

    You can claim the games with a free trial of Prime as well
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    Gainward GeForce GTX 1630 Ghost Review - Challenging the AMD RX 6400

    Nvidia can recycle the defective GPUs.