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    You're Sick

    I am sick. And I'm happy about it. But..... can I get health insurance on that so I can get off work, so I can continue gaming and continue to be sick? Thanks!
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    Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA621P Air Cooler for AMD Threadripper @ [H]

    My biggest gripe with this cooler outside of the indicated rat's nest of wires, is that for a 120mm based cooler, for it to be 164.5mm in height isn't great for case compatibility. My Noctua NH-U14S TR4 SP3 is only 165mm and it's a 140mm based cooler. I've used it on my 1950x at 3.8Ghz at...
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    Digitimes Takes Notice of NVIDIA GPP

    I'm glad that this story continues to peek....and....peak. This (along with the GTX 970 BS, and 1060 3GB BS) made me sell my 1080Ti. I have a Vega 56 chugging along nicely under water, and an RX 580 8GB as well, so I couldn't care less. I mostly game at 1080p on one box, and 1440p on the other...
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    Overwatch Pro is in Trouble for Livestreamed "Racism"

    I don't know if this was intentionally funny on your part, but I almost spit my coffee out of my nose reading this. The OWL is run by a bunch of holier-than-thou idiots who forget that 90% of their players are under 25, and at least 50% under 20.. Being PC is mostly older generation types who...
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    One thing I'm wondering in this thread, and some of the others that I've read, is how open to interpretation is "Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively with GeForce"? Ie. Exclude, preclude, pretty much mean the same thing --> Exclusive, no? Ie. "Your Gaming brand = Geforce" and Geforce="Your gaming...
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    First off I want to thank Kyle for bringing our attention to this breaking story at his own personal and financial peril. Now, I feel that nVidia has overstepped their boundaries on this one. They provide ONE component of the PC gaming or graphics experience, the GPU with associated software...
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    Elmnator's Project Venus Up Close and Personal

    If you've ever used copper tubing for water cooling, you know that to make the bends look this good, it ain't eeeezy. Also the custom case thing is challenging on its own. I think this build kicks ass, but needs more raddage. Just kidding.
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    Canadian Anti-Piracy Coalition Calls For Website Blocking

    They mad because they apps only allow you to watch like three of their channels and other little providers let you watch all the channels on any device for 20-25% of the cost. Boohoo. Canadian media providers know there's this thing called the Interwebs but they don't seem to know how to use...
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    VEVO Still Serious About Youtube Video Content - Leads Industry

    So this is what happens when Billy Gibbons has a whiskey with Zakk Wylde (who doesn't drink anymore I believe) and form a metal band in Texas? Not bad. How dare you write an article that allows rock and rollers and metal heads to sound like human beings. Fake news!!!!!!!!! Nice article. And...
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    US Says North Korea “Directly Responsible” for “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

    Look at how advanced they are, producing ransomware evolved from NSA butt wipings. Neat.... Nice propaganda.
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    XSPC Razor Neo GTX 1080 Ti Waterblock Review @ [H]

    That's not overkill. I'm still trying to find a way to fit that into a modded case. C'mon now. I'd go push-pull too with 3000 RPM 38mm Ultra Kaze finger slicers. Nice review, Kyle. This block makes my EK 1080Ti block look like a good recycling candidate. Or maybe I can melt it down and sell the...
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    New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD

    It was known that Apple was not entirely happy with Intel built-in graphics for a number of years, especially when they started pushing their "retina" marketing, so that is definitely a factor. But congrats Kyle, on the sweet drank of vindication!!!!!!1
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    EK Supremacy EVO Threadripper TR4 Waterblock Review @ [H]

    I smell fish. Looking at your setup, there is no way that your setup with a HWLabs 480GTS is being outstripped cooling wise by IPseity's using a core voltage of 1.5v (!!!!!!!!!!!!). 360GTS with Gentle Typhoons at 1300 RPM in push-only dissipates 290 watts of heat, and a 480 is going to be...
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    24" display advice - $300 budget
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB CrossFire Review @ [H]

    Hmmm, great review guys, and thanks for highlighting the frame pacing issues. Although the RX 480 cards are much cheaper than my R9 Nanos in Crossfire, it's shocking to see them perform more slowly and use the same, or more power. I tested my twin R9 Nanos on my i7 4790k at 4.4 Ghz on an Asus...