Can i make a home compute cloud from different CPU architectures?


Nov 24, 2016
I have several computers (ARM, Intel, AMD) and want to make a cloud of them mainly to have more CPU power. Then the resulting virtual machine i will use to setup Windows 10 on it (Intel architecture needed) and use it for my desktop work. Is it possible? Any simple to setup, free solution for home use?
If I'm reading your post correclty (i.e. you want to pool compute resources from many small machines and run just one single "large" VM on that pool) -- that's not really how any of this works.
Yea, that's not how VMs work. You can have hypervisors running different architectures (at least I know HyperV can), it just requires a little different configuration on the host. But all this does is allow you to migrate a VM between hosts with different architectures. There is no way I know of to span a VM accross multiple nodes to combine resources. Even in the 'cloud', you are limited to the resources available on the node hosting your VM.

Cloud computing is different. The nodes would each have their own OS with software running, and a master node to distribute the work across the child nodes. This would only help for processing very large amounts of data, not to give a VM extra resources.